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Day 4 has arrived

Still not missing the fags at all, although I've noticed my sense of smell is coming back. For the first time in a long time I could smell my flatmate's stinky cigarette clothes, even after he'd washed them and I can also smell the lingering odour of the smokes in my bedroom. Planning to do a major spring cleaning / steam cleaning / boil wash of everything when I get back from Florida at the end of next week.

Slightly concerned about the amount of e-juice I've been going through on my vaporiser but from reading the vape forums, that is totally normal and will level out once I stop getting the 'I would normally smoke now' triggers. Right now on the 12mg e-juice but since I have been fine with that with no cravings at all, I have some coming on order that will take me down to 6mg, so hopefully won't be too long until I'm completely nicotine free :)

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Day 4 :) It'll be a week before you know it.....then a month........

Keep it up :D


It's just amazing, nearly a week done, and pushing ahead nicely, plenty of people on here who used the e-cig to eventually get rid of nicotine, so just keep going and a massive well done from me.


You're doing fantastically well Kjarva and may I also congratulate you on your fab hair colour? :)

It's a mixed blessing when your sense of smell returns isn't it? I was a bit taken aback by some aspects of it especially in the toilet department ;)

I'm definitely with Tea though, on the therapeutic properties of a really good clean. I did something similar when I quit (as well as treating myself to some expensive bath & shower gel, body cream and shampoo/conditioner) and it was lovely.

Have a wonderful time in Florida- are you visiting family for Christmas? What will the weather be like there? Where are you staying? Do please tell us more....:)


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