No Smoking Day

Calling all Octoquits - the head chef has arrived!

Here I am in month 2 and the first thing I've noticed is that the cupboard is bare! All you lot seem to have been doing is propping up the bar! I'll get cracking with the Silvabella cake - chocolate and rum - you'll love it.

Seriously, I'm elated to have reached the dizzy heights of month 2.:):)

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go on with your bad self. everybody will jump out and yell suprise soon. you are to be commended on this milestone congratulations. How much better do you feel?


Month 2 :D Well done, Soosy, xx Save me a slice of cake for when I get there,



I feel great, look 20 years younger (I wish) but I do think my skin has more of a glow, sleeping well, eating well. My sense of smell and taste have returned - and I feel very proud of myself.


I am very proud of you soosy, you got there and so did I.

Youve been a good friend along the way, thanks.

I noticed it looks a little grubby in here as well as the larder being empty lol.

I will grab the vac and you make that gorgeous cake.



Good morning Soosy and Dee and big welcome to month 2 for you both.

Sorry the place is a mess but its been a bit busy the last couple of days.

Chocolate and Rum

I'll go get some food restock the larder and fridge and then we can start the party.

Congratulations made it...

Big Hugs xx


Yes, I knew you would make it, welcome Soosy :)

Blimey woman, I heard that bellow as you saw the kitchen from my house and the pc wasn't even on :eek:

OK, I'm off to the recycling centre so I'll remove all of Christine's empty wine bottles and the beer bottles and cans that they guys have left around the place.

I see Dee's here, well done Hun :)..... you put your feet up and pass the cleaning stuff to someone else, you've had a tiring journey here. But you got here.....

Where is Tink?

Pol x


brilliant well done, sorry about the mess, at least theres no stinking ashtrays to clear up


Big Congratulations to all of you who have completed your first month.

Very best wishes for your next month, won't take long.



ABOUT BLOODY TIME!! We have been living on takeaways so I am so pleased you are here.

Well done my love it's a great feeling, bring on month 3.

Right I better go to the off license and get some more wine as these lot all have a drink problem (embarrassing really, bless them)

Bug hugs Soosy


Hi All :D

Huge well done to all of you the 1st month done and dusted


Marg xx


Soosy, Brilliant and welcome. I knew you'd sort us out for food. I'm off to Month 3 soon - I'll be trying to arrange it all for us Octoquitters, but don't forget me when you're now enjoying some decent food. You'll have to zap it to me - or I'll sneak back and get some.

Big well done all our team.



..and remember people with have our party and roll call tomorrow. I've bought a new dress so I want you all dressed up for our end of month two party.


Might be just jeans for me.... the little velvet number is not back from dry cleaners yet..... really do need it for next weekend though... so better take it tomorrow.....

I'm partying away quietly anyway... food, music and wine... what more do I need :)


New dress bought yesterday....size bigger but actually I look slimmer as I am not bursting out of the seams....

looking forward to tomorrow....:D


Little black number still fits - just. Cakes all ready to be iced.

See you tomorrow.

Love xxxxx


Thought I would wear a red dress tomorrow if thats ok, and Im looking forward to seing you all.

I have just booked the first dance with Dave.

So bring on the wine, the music and the wonderful company of OCTOQUITS.



I would be honoured to have the first dance with you Dee - i bet you look sensational in red


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