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Day 20 and Struggling

All going so good but today I am starting to struggle.

On one hand I am feeling like the novelty has worn off a bit and now I'm thinking... now what??

Also putting on weight and feeling fat and worthless :(

To be honest I don't even want a cigarette I am just sick of thinking about it!!

On the other hand, I know that if I do smoke I will just be back where I was, desperately wishing I could quit!!

Need encouragement!!! Anyone know of any good motivational quotes etc?

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Hi Matt, have you got any games on your phone? I have replaced my cigarette/nicotine addiction with an addiction for Game Of War!

Seriously though mate, keep your chin up and you can get through this. It does get better :)


Hang tough Matthew! I found week 3 and 4 the worst but it will pass and then I didn't have another "moment" for a whole month!! This is when you have to keep strong until it does go away but I can promise you it does. Good luck x


I Look at Skiddaw. On day 20 she will have felt like you

Jenny's quite right- I did experience a difficult patch around then. As you've recognised (and that's half the battle) the initial novelty of quiting has worn off and suddenly you're faced with what feels like the prospect of a long, hard slog with little by way of reward in sight. Dolores has clearly been through it and come out the other side and so will you. Actually, you're accruing awards with every passing day- your health is improving, your skin, hair and teeth are brighter, shinier and younger looking, you'll start to notice how much more energy you have and how much fitter you are generally, not to mention the positive effect on your bank balance. As Jenny & Max have so wisely said, you can soon lose any post-quit weight later when your quit is firmly established and in the meantime, consder following some of Tea's tips to avoid being a little picker with bigger knickers (where did you get that expression Tea? It's wonderful! :D). I should concentrate on trying to maintain your current weight for the time being- don't attempt to fight a war on two fronts.

This is the time where the secret really is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and plodding on. If you can do that the time will pass almost without you noticing it and before you know where you are you'll be hoving towards Halfway House and these early weeks will seem but a distant memory.

You've every reason to be extremely proud of what you have achieved so far Matt, and all you have to do now is build on the extremely solid foundations you have laid. You ain't fat, mate and you certainly ain't worthless- quite the opposite in fact- and I shall personally slap with a dead mackeral anyone who says you're either. ;)


Hi Matthew, I don't know of any quotes but I do know that 'what now' feeling will pass. I think that after each little milestone (and twenty days is one) you feel a bit low, like you expected to feel fantastic but didn't. That feeling will go away eventually and you will just feel great for having quit for longer and longer. Don't worry about the weight, spring/summer is a better time to think about exercise when the weather is nicer :D. Very well done for getting this far and good luck :)


Can I recommend KWIT it's an app but it's also like a game you go up in levels the longer you stay quit also my last cigarette is a good one it counts up the money you have saved and the fags you haven't smoked, it's a good motivator, keep it up xx


Hi, from me it does indeed feel very strange as we settle into our quits, and of course a miracle has not happened, well not a miracle in the sense, that we are euphoric with excitement, it is a addiction that needs to be broken , now that takes time, but I can say the longer the quit the weaker the craves, I for one bet you could not imagine being nearly three week quit, how fantastic is that.

Hold tight those intense feelings you are going through will become less.

Fantastic, just keep going, massive well done from me


Your first post on this forum included...

...I really do have so much to gain from quitting. I'm 24 and when I look back on my life, I think about all the time smoking took away from me, how miserable it made me feel, how embarrassed I felt to smell of smoke, all the money I wasted. I never want to go back to how I was before. I smell good, feel more confident, have nice breath, more money in my pocket, and I'm full of optimism for the future.

I only have two regrets in my life, one is starting smoking and the other is leaving it so damn long to quit. I waited until I was 50 and I so wish I'd done it when I was younger like you.

As for the weight, it's normal to put weight on, but I've started exercising now and I should have started when I quit.

Smoking releases feel good endorphins which you miss when you quit. Exercising (I swim 5 miles per week) releases the same feel good endorphins.

Start doing regular vigorous exercisie of your choice. Firstly it will replace those missing feel good endorphins and secondly, it will help keep your weight down, thus making you feel better about yourself and motivate you to continue your quit.

Most, if not all, of us old codgers on here wish we had quit in our early 20's (or to not have started in the first place). You have that opportunity, grasp it and hold it tight, believe me, in years to come you will be so happy you did.


How are you doing Matthew?


Have a think that you're going this far, never put a lighter on! We support you here!


I know for me reading post of others that have been past this difficult point helps! Just know it does get easier and you dont want to do the first few days again. Hang in there!


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