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2 years – time really is a healer

Morning forum, it’s been two years since I quit smoking which I can’t quite believe. :cool:

When I think back to month 1 when I was howling at the moon two years seemed an absolutely impossible length of time, but here it is my anniversary and I’m a bit amazed by it actually. I’m apparently over £3500 better off through not having smoked over 8000 of the flippin’ things, don’t know how, it’s not in my bank account that’s for sure! But I’m proud of myself, and actually relieved at having managed to quit. I still get the odd nostalgic pang, but it’s easily dispatched into the long grass - not hard now, not hard at all.

Physically I really do feel healthier. What happened to the gunk in my lungs I really have no idea, but if I need to cough for any reason then it’s perfectly clear and that makes me happy. I don’t really know if there was a light bulb moment but at one point around three months in I went my first full day actively acknowledging and appreciating life without smoking, and realised how good it would be. If I did have a light bulb moment then yes - that would have been it I think and my post on it is here somewhere.

Everyone is capable of quitting - YES, absolutely you can, we all can, I really believe we have more determination and resilience when we convince ourselves that failure is not an option than we give ourselves credit for. Even when it feels like you’re in one of Dante’s nine circles of hell, you can still do this with the right game face on. I tell my kids (I have three in school) that smoking is one of the worst dumb-ass things they can get themselves into, so quitting for me has to be one of the best recovery plays out there. It’s one of the single most important things I’ve done in life.

So…I’ve quit smoking. There I’ve said it at last and it’s only taken me two years to write those three words. Hit the delete button on it, in the battle of Man v Plant this man has won. As for the forum I like to think I was strong enough and determined enough to have done this alone but you know what - I’m not sure. I’m pleased this place exists, and I’m grateful for all of the company, humour, education, support and encouragement it provided.

Thanks for reading, time really is the healer, avoid complacency and keep looking after your quits whatever stage you’re at. And very happy Christmas, Conquerors!!! :D

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Wise words indeed :)

bet your family are soo proud of you for staying smoke free and hopefully your kids will take your advise and not start

being apart of the Not One Puff Ever group certainly helps me to keep my focus and when those odd thoughts pop up :eek: getting rarer i have to say the further down the road i travel but still get the odd one but not very often unless i see someone i havent seen for ages that still smokes and it is only the smokers that ask are you still quit none of my none smoking friends ever mention it

hope you have a great christmas too hun :) x


Brilliant post, thank you for taking the time to share. I need these posts to show me it can and will be done :)


Sorry I missed this yesterday Hawkeye. That's one splended anniversary and it is indeed lovely when Penthouse Graduates pop in to tell us how they're doing. Well done- sincerely well done...:)


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