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3 years, time really is the healer

Well, my first post in ages just to mark my three year quit date, yup - now three years without the darn things :cool: Time really is a healer.

I'll never forget this date, and we still have furniture that has my fingernail marks from that first month when I was climbing the walls and praying I had the resolve to 'just be normal' - beat the plant, give it up, live life smoke-free and never take another puff. Thankfully now smoking is a distant memory thanks to the passage of time, I can't remember what it's like any more and maybe that 's why I don't really give it a second thought.

I hope everyone that's currently going through the early times, the mangle of fear and doubt but has the courage to post on this site, will believe and trust when complete strangers say they know exactly what you're going through, and please have pride and confidence. All the rubbish is temporary, it does end, you are totally capable and can absolutely do it! Happy Christmas, conquerors. ;)

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Huge congratulations Hawkeye on your 3 year milestone and thank you so much for an inspirational, motivational and witty post. I will come back to this post again and again!


Hawkeye...Very nice...Lekka...Post...Thank you for confirming that there is life after smoking...:cool:


Well done Hawk, from a fellow 'Christmas Conqueror' from the class of 2012. Just a couple of weeks behind you buddy, and I guess I always will be:D


Hawkeye, thanks for that! I like the idea that one day I might not be able to remember what smoking's like - that's really comforting :)

Congrats on your three years and thanks for posting just what I needed to hear! x


Top work Hawkeye! Coming up to 3.5 years myself. I never, ever, ever thought I would quit. But I did. And I have. And smoking is now so not me its unreal.

Stick at it folks.


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