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Hi all,

I’m an old member who recently left thinking that I’d got this quit cracked. Well, I hadn’t and have spent a fairly torturous couple of weeks. :(

More fool me for thinking that after 31 years smoking I would be able to cope with only 4 months of active work on sustaining my quit. :mad:

In a nutshell that’s me and I’ve returned to seek support for continuing my quit as well as supporting others. :)

Started visiting the forum again over the last few days I’ve picked up that the controversy continues – nothing new there then! Yes, I had a different ID previously and have come back with a slightly more impersonal ID with the sole reason of distancing myself from possible unsolicited interest. However, I can assure you that in my previous incarnation I was relatively benign and I see no reason to change that position for the future. :)

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Welcome back Cavalier!

Although I'm sad that you have had to (does that sound right?:confused:)

What I mean is sorry you are struggling.

Yes there is still an ongoing "us and them" mentality trundling on.... but some people have said even THAT never ending conflict has helped keep there mind off the fags!!

We're a strange bunch aren't we? ;)

*Pretends to be not interested in cavaliers old ID*

Welcome back Cavalier!

Thanks cword, feeling a bit wobbly at the mo so the welcome is...welcome!

We're a strange bunch aren't we? ;)

Reflective of today's society.

Pretends not to be interested in cwords interest to do that now than fail.

Cheers mojo-jojo. My thinking entirely.

Not that i'm bothered but who were you before.............

Anyhow hopefully it will get better for you sooner rather than later...John

I too have reduced coming on here but for different reasons like addictive personality, getting some work done etc........Jane


More fool me for thinking that after 31 years smoking I would be able to cope with only 4 months of active work on sustaining my quit. :mad:

[Innocently] Would that be *exactly* 4 months today?[/Innocently]

*whistles, looks around the room, all casual like:)*

Trev???????????????????????????????????? :(

Give us a clue :(

Trev???????????????????????????????????? :(

Give us a clue :(

Sadly, I haven't got a clue, I'm just fishing.

Don't tell Cavalier that, though :)

Hi there

Yes - I still go through some odd moments - I was even questionning the whole quit recently (lasted a few seconds) - I have been there before and know how easy it is to get complacent and go back to smoking. What has kept me going is remembering how tough it was in those first weeks and why I quit in the first place.

I am sure the horrible thoughts will go away - try to use those techniques you used at the beginning? Easier said than done but it may bring you back to a more confortable level?


poop think im a junkie :(

Hello cavalier - havent got a clue who u are or were but welcome back, keep up the good work.

Gary????? r u back then - im feeling a little blunt and need someone to sharpen my tongue on mwah


d'ya think if we nag him/her enough he/she might tell???

Wise decision, Cavalier. Any one of us could fall for the trap and it won't hurt to read the newbies on here and remind yourself how 'all consuming' the quit can be. After almost 3 months I still find myself here, even though the desire to smoke has gone, I know that I, like everyone in the world even those who never smoked, could decide to be stupid and smoke again (I did it before).

Hopefully you will be one of the 'wise' members of the forum and balance out the nutters on here :)

Welcome back ;)

Welcome Home mate

Hope we can help you get past your bad patch. Been quit 5 months now and still have my moments but nothing like the start. Linda xxxxxxxx

Before we were rudely interrupted I was wanting to come on and post my thanks for all your kind words of encouragement. Well, we're back and so...thanks everyone for your kind words of encouragement. :D


I have had pretty much the same problems - so much so that I am actually in fear of trashing my quit.

All I will say is think of the eqrly days how hard it was - do we really want to go through that again - I say no - not on your life


Look at my quit stats CAV - they are pretty much like yous - wanna new quit partner?

I have been quit for 4 Months, 5 Days, 21 hours, 39 minutes and 2 seconds (126 days). I have saved £1,399.91 by not smoking 6,345 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Weeks, 1 Day and 45 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/02/2008 21:17

Hi Flying Visit,

Well done with your quit - trashing a quit is not on my agenda and glad to see that you seem averse to it too.

You should be very proud of those stats. Mine, if I had one of those quitmeters, would state that I'm 5 months quit. But, my savings would be nowhere near yours.

c :D

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