I'm in a new room!

Hi everyone, not posted in a while as have been very busy with lots of stuff going on - all good stuff though! Quit still going strong and I'm now over 6 calender months, it was 26 weeks on Sunday. Can't begin to say how pleased I am. Thank you all for the support on here. I hope you are all well, had a quick read through some missed posts this morning and it was nice to catch up. :):):)

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    Oh well done Nicky! That really is one fantastic achievement. Halfway House is a wonderful place to be and I am so glad that I'm still here (for a few more days anyway ;)) to be able to show you around. There's a cake just in the process of being iced and (of course) a bottle of something cold and bubbly in the fridge. There are also some marvellous complimentary toiletries in the bathroom...

    Many, many congratulations from me my dear! :)

  • Congratulations on your 6 smoke free months Nicky.

  • Thanks TG, Tea, Karri, Debbie & Sally for your comments. :)

    Jenny I think 6 months is a biggie for me too - really feeling that I can do this now. :D

    I will see you in six months time in the next room Skiddaw. :)

    Karen - still trying to work out what that word was - forgive me if it's obvious, I fell and had a good knock to my head earlier this week.:o

    After today I have a long weekend, OH and I are off for a Hotel/shopping trip to Birmingham so have a great weekend everyone, I'll check in again next week. :D

  • Congratulations Nicky, I am absolutely delighted for you :) xx

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