The penthouse!!!!

Hip hip hooray I am in the penthouse!!! yes me I can't believe it.

I never ever thought I could do this after 35 years of smoking, but I did, if I can anyone can, REALLY!!!!!

I did it with sheer determination, allot of help from this forum, met some lovely people virtual people, some are still here but sadly some aren't, but I would like to thank them all.

Allen Carr really put my mind right and for me cold turkey was the only way no nicotene!!

So all you newbies starting out you can do it and I wish you all the best .

Right where's the bar mine's a bacardi and coke please xx.

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  • Welcome.

    It's nice here.

    The balcony gets a bit slippery when wet so take care. :p

  • yee haa

    welcome come on in make yourself comfortable

    congrats betty boop


  • Well, there's lovely for you *insert suitable South Wales accent*

    Congrats on your full circle, Betty Boop :cool:

  • Congrats Betty Boop!

  • Thank's all hit the button then before I finished the post, must be my age:confused::)

  • A job very well done, congratulations.


  • Well done Maria

    Views good from up here in the Penthouse eh? Just stay off the roof I think there is a nutter up there......looks like he's about to jump......hope he doesn't make too much mess!!!!:D

    Oh and once again Huge Congrats!!

  • Well done glad to see you here!

  • Well done Betty Boo and welcome to the penthouse... pool and hot tub are that way

    steam room that way and ring the bell for waiter service....

  • Thankyou all for your lovely messages, I really do appreciate them.

    Karri I think you had more faith in me than I did! I hope you are well and your quit is going ok. xx

    Mah I am just enjoying my drink and the view up here is fantastic.

    Maria. xx:)

  • A magnificent achievement after a 35 year habit, you've given me more reasons to believe I can do it as I've only smoked for a mere 31 years compared to you! :D

    I love Wales, each year me and my good lady go to Llangranog for a break and we have really close friends who live in Tegryn.

    Whereabouts in South Wales are you?

  • Really well done Maria! I never had any doubts that you would make it. :)


  • Thankyou Captain, Mrs T, and dear Jac.

    Captain I live in a village not far from Swansea, and the gower coast is lovely.

    Yes you can do it!!! if I can anyone can!!! and my dear hubbie after 51 years of smoking, stopped 4 months ago! I am so pleased.

    It is really worth it, hard to start but it does get better, I don't even think about it now and hate the smell, but the best thing of all I feel free!!

    I wish you all the best. xx


  • Well done!!!

  • Can't believe I missed this one. CONGRATUBLOOMINGLATIONS! Fantastic!

    It's a great achievement. Wallow in the pride.

    Helen x


    That is such a huge achievement well done :)


    its great to read so many people getting to the penthouse :D

    and staying there

    mind you it is a great place to be:D

  • Thank you so much Chrissie, Helen, Michelle, and Carol.

    I still can't believe it, how did I do it? how did I get here? sheer determination and the help of this forum many who are not here now:(

    Right then my lovelys move out the way I can see the BAR!!!!

    Maria. x x x:D

  • Well done Maria...........move over for the next fab febber!

    Get the beers in lol.


  • Well done Andy glad to see you still around. When is your big day?


    Great view up here, just ordered the drinks!



    Quit Date: 10.2.12


  • Thank you Jac, hope you are doing ok. x

  • And a big congratulations from me too!!!


  • Thank you Alex where's my drink? I'm waiting. xx

  • Waiting for you down at the beach :D Hurry, it's getting dark!

  • Woooooooooooooooooooooo lovely!:D

    Thank you. xx

  • Congrats Maria

    Your first smoke free year and now well on your way in your 2nd year. I may not be on here much now but i never doubted you could do it hun. Enjoy the view from the Penthouse it really is spectacular.

    All the best Hun xx ;)

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