No Smoking Day
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thanks guys.....slogged it out:D

hello all!

stroppy stropperson has returned lol to my much calmer, happier self!

I just wanted to say -

1) sorry for the double post, I just noticed now, and have no idea how to delete it, so glad I didn't notice that earlier because even that would have frustrated me haha! how sad! :rolleyes:

2) I truly believe that without this site and you lovely people taking a couple of minutes out of your day to help a random stranger with her quest to be smoke free, I would have have been puffing away right now.

every comment has stuck with me, and it helps so much! im so relieved im not going crazy hehe!

I am still smoke free! this is a breakthrough for me. I have caved so many times during those moments purely because I believe I have become a non smoking monster and people shouldn't have to tolerate me that this is my 14th (gulp ...mostly half hearted ill admit) attempt at breaking that habit! and I DID IT! wooohooo......I cried like a wee baby. I feel like I can do anything now! as silly as that sounds, like ive cracked it. I know theres more to come, expected and unexpected but I know its not impossible because here I am! its kinda a big deal for me;)

again thankyou all....sitting with wotsits, tea, gummy bears, and rubbish tv as prescribed earlier soon to be followed by a cosy bath! my little lightbulb is still off but boy its starting to get some spark into it:D onwards and upwards!

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Hey, you just hang on girl,you are doing great, I am soooo proud of you , you are coping it's such a roller coaster, you be proud you are doing it!

Just keep going, have faith you can push through:)


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