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3 years ...really!!

Hi, i dont really post on here or use the forum anymore. However i wanted to post today not to brag( well maybe a little bit ha) but to say that I have not smoked for a tad over 3 years! I hardly remember that person who smoked so much at times she felt sick! The person who tried so many times to quit!! I mean so many! Who became addicted to nrt gum as well as cigs!! Who never thought she would ever ever do it... But she being me did!! It is 2nd nature to me now not to smoke!.. When I see a,smoker now I dont hate them, I dont envy them and I dont wish I was them. I look at myself, I smile and think thank god Im out of all that, what a big waste of my time that era was!!... I'm not trying to be cocky, I just thought it would be a good idea to post all about it!...shout it from the highest building ha!! Just to say people who are quitting, not coping or keeping on failing never ever ever give up, it took me 5 years of stopping and starting for this quit thing to finally happen & I can tell anyone to carry on regardless, who cares if you smoked at you sisters hen party or you had the odd crafty fag on a night out!! No one cares but you & for each fail you get stronger! ...... I have never felt better, prouder, or healthier! The biggest gift you can give yourself! ... Well done me! Thanks for listening

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Thank you Helene, I'm glad Ive wrote all about it now.


Hi KK72

You go and brag all you want, I would if I had just reached 3 years quit.

Fantastic achievement you should be very proud and I am so pleased you

are now reaping the rewards of being a non-smoker.

Personally speaking I think I will only consider myself to be a non-smoker after

2-3 years of not smoking, but I'm keeping on along the road. Well done again KK

and thanks for popping back and posting :)


Thank you marty �� each day I got through early on was a big achievement then it went to week counting, then months! Without putting anyone off once I got to 12 months it was a big turning point! I knew then I wasn't going to smoke again.


Hi tractorgirl, feel sort of warm inside that a post I did as helped you. Yes I did struggle! Crikey did I. Haha i can laugh about it now but it was darkest moments of despair!! Successfully quitting smoking is one of the toughest things a smoker will do, its all about how you look at it, it can be done, any smoker can quit! Some just don't know it yet


I know it wasn't easy for you and success did slip through your fingers several times before it all clicked into place, so for those that have a set back you are a fantastic role model to keep trying.

Great to hear from you and even better to know that your quit is so utterly secure!


Really is lovely to see read this post.

Truly awsome:)

Thanks for sharing


Hi Kit Kat,

What a fantastic achievement! As a serial quitter (not this time though) it is really reassuring to know that it can be done xx


Thank you for all your kind words, feeling like I've helped in a small way, ive always been honest on here, what you see is what you get, this is exactly how my quit panned out! I know I was a little intense at times and fell out with many on here but also made many great friends who helped along this road which can be dark & light all in the same day. Bet nicfirth never thought he would see the day ��. I wish everyone the very best, it is hard but does get much much easier til one day all the cig crave moments(morning/after a meal/ with a beer/ happiness/ sadness/ stress etc.... Sort of disappear gradually before you realise. You suddenly are not aware as much anymore it really is fantastic. From the day I began this journey I knew in my heart there wasn't going to be an alternative ending. It was always going to end just like this, just like I planned it. Thanks once again for listening. Good times everyone, thanks. Kat��


Great to here you Karri, and that out of all my fails, what I have said has helped you & others, where l am now is far more then a penthouse.haha

Well I wish everyone well. All I can say is, a quit will happen in end, it really will 100 percent.

I wouldn't have the way it happened for me, any other way...because now its meaningless.

Take care

Kat :)


Wow Kitkat, three years! Thank you for the great post (and previous great post's) on here. You show us that it can be done. :):)


Hi KK,

Great to read things are going so well. I think its been 3 years for me also, I seem to recall we kicked off around the same time.



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