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Day 103 according to my quit buddy Nicky 39! So glad she keeps up to date with how many days we've done! Thanks Nicky!

Well just back from my lovely holiday in Hong Kong and Maritius:cool: :cool: which was awsome! I did find it not hard but slightly less enjoyable but only at night sitting outside drinking cocktails but then again it was much more enjoyable not craving a ciggie on the plane and in the airport! So the good part of quitting definitely outweighed the bad by far. Still taking 1/2 a champix tablet a day but have been doing that for most of my quit, I will finish this pack and then cut down to 1/2 a tab every other day.

Hope everyone is doing ok and staying strong!

Bev. xxx

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Nice one Bev, I bet that was great being on a long haul flight and not chomping at the bit! Glad you had a wonderful time, would love to see pics of Mauritius if you have any? I would looove to go there x

Hey Bev, well done. It sounds as though you enjoyed your holiday - sounds fab. The Airport is so much easier for a non smoker, as we all now know :D

Don't worry about still taking the Champix, it's way better than smoking and you will give it up when you're ready. :)

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