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New Reward

Last week I bought myself a car I haven't had one for the last 4 years my last one had to be scrapped and being I had retired I couldn't afford to buy another one and of course have the money for the running costs but saying that I did smoke then about £200 a month on trying to slowly make myself ill and the eventual outcome DEATH so of course my main reward has been to help my health but saying that my situation because I was on a pension which is payed on a Monday by the Sunday if I was lucky I had £5 left and no savings to cover me if something went wrong but how that has all changed since I became a non-smoker because my first priority was to save the money I was wasting on cigarettes to give myself a bit of a cushion and once that was achieved I decided to save for some nice things as a reward for not smoking so over the last 18 months these have been some of my major rewards an (Iphone 5s cash) a (3D Smart Television cash) a (New Bed and Mattress cash) and now a (second hand car + insurance cash ) What a difference in my health and wealth becoming a non-smoker is the best thing I have ever done it's just such a shame it took me so long to wise up.

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Brilliant Rex and even more brilliant is in a way you had all that stuff for free! :) :)


Congrats on the new car, I'm continually stunned at how we all justified what we spent on fags. The money saved is a great incentive even before you add all the health benefits :)


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