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Been on holiday

Been away and never smoked!

Now I'm a non smoker that's what I'm supposed to do arnt I not smoke.

Well there was a part of me that thought"can I do this can I really get through a holiday where everyone is drinking smoking and having fun?"

I'm sure most of you have had those thoughts "can I ever have fun again if I'm not smoking"

Well you can!i I took each day as it came and knowing how far Iv come and that I don't ever want to go back there,I stayed true to my quit:)

8mths and 20 days:D

Looking forward to next big milestone.

Stay quit don't smoke.......nough said x

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Well done Carol, holidays are a bit of a test, glad you got through it so well.

I have recently been away to France and it seems as though a lot more people smoke there than here.

We stayed in my late father's flat over there (which we are trying to sell if anyone wants to buy a flat on the Cotê D'Azur) I'd not been there since I quit smoking so I wondered if I would find it odd being there and not smoking.

Before I was married I would go there with my dad and we would sit on the balcony, in the evenings, drinking beer or wine, smoking, chatting and watching the sun go down. Although they are fond memories I realised that the thing I was fond of was sitting there with dad rather than the smoking.


Nice one Carol, glad to hear you had a great time and come home quit still intact,what an achievement, brilliant stuff xxx


So lovely you enjoyed your holiday, smoke free. It's a great freedom not having to light up all the time.

WOW nearly 9 months, brilliant:)


Thanks for your replies:D

Nic,lovely memories of your father:)


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