No Smoking Day
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3 Months

Days without smoking: 92 days

Cigarettes not smoked: 2,778

Money Saved: $416.70

I like how that looks :)

When I first quit and read about people using those apps, I thought I wouldn't need it as it won't have any effect on me. I ended up looking at that app every time I had a massive crave and it really DOES help. Weird, I know!

I had a really good week this month, almost felt like freedom. It's been easier than the month before and I hope that trend will continue. It is a very slow process, though.

Last couple of days were rough, but it all comes down to good and bad days. If I had a good week generally, then I'll have a good week quitting-wise. So I guess I am still getting used to coping with stress without fags.

So, two months in this room...Let's see how that goes :)

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Kacmins, you're a star and an asset to the forum :)

Well done! That's a fantastic achievement and all the more so because it hasn't been plain-sailing for you. Every time you beat a crave you get stronger and I can feel the grit and determination shining out from your post. You're going to make it to the Penthouse and that's a definite.

Huge congratulations from me :D


Hi Kac, you are only a few days behind me. How do you feel 3 months in? Healthier? I'm hoping the next month will be easier again with less an less cravings. :)

Those apps help loads, it's a shock to see how many/how much and I look at mine daily, the one on my phone has health stats too and shows in % how much my lungs, heart etc should have improved. :)


A big hello from me Kac. It's true it's all about ups and downs, but as we progress the ups become more, and the downs become less.

It's a mighty achievement doing so very well:) just keep going


Thanks all!

I also forgot to tell you what a strange situation I found myself in about 3 weeks ago. I went on a night out with two of my high-school friends. Both of them stopped smoking in last couple of years, but we used to smoke like crazy in the high school.

So we find ourselves pretty wasted at a club and my friend called a girl he likes to join us. It turns out she smokes and at one point she asks me to pass the lighter from another table. It turned out the lighter wasn't working, so the guy on the table hands me his lit cigarette so I can give it to the girl. I didn't even realize that was the first time I had a lit cigarette in my hand since I quit.

Just as I am about to hand the fag to the girl, she says "Can you please light it for me?". And there was a split second where my junkie brain went like "Sure, if I just light it for her and do not inhale it, it's OK!"

That moment right there scared the s**t out of me. I snapped out of it and passed the cigarette as fast as I could while saying "NO NO NO NO" :D

Anyway, two of my friends noticed that and had a really good laugh. It was a good night out :cool:


Good avoidance there mate! Alcohol can be lethal for letting Nic back in :eek: I've lost quits this way before, keep it up :) x


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