No Smoking Day
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**** **** **** what a horrible day

RANT WARNING!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible day in work.....the factory I am responsible for is having a huge issue with a new stock management system that's been half installed. Nobody feels responsible, common sense and initiative have disappeared.....

Customers are freaking out and head office are breathing down my neck - "Just get it fixed, its what we pay you for....."

All I can think about is smoking. I know it wont help, and it stinks and it will kill you....then WTF is it so overpowering???

I will not give in, damn you evil cancer causing b**tards. F off and hassle someone else.

Rant over, going home for a long bath and an early night

Apologies for my language :(:(:(

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Oh dear Andy, this is a torrid day for you. But have a little look at your children's happy smiles , on your rerun from work, have a game of twister, or the likes, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you.

When life's hitting us with a large bat, it's almost like our resolve has gone, but it hasn't ! ,, you keep going, you can get through another day. I know you can.

You have such strength keep going :)


Poor, poor Andy :(

There's nothing worse than realising you've been dealt the short straw when it's not your fault or responsibility. No wonder you felt like smoking and how fantastic are you for getting angry and stomping around instead. :D You swear and cuss as much as you like, mate- we will quite understand.

A good hot bath (and a drinkie ;)) will help. I was going to suggest a quiet back-rubbing session with Gizmo might also go down well but Debbie has (sort of) pipped me to the post. :)

I will hope that tomorrow proves to be a less baity day (and that your efforts, which I am sure are as mighty at work as they are in relation to your quit, are recognised by those up the food chain. They flaming well should be.)


A new day....bring it on

Thx to all of you for taking the time to post replies.

With your invaluable support I got through the day without smoking when I could so easily have caved in.

Started off with a run at 5 a.m today.

Feeling great, bring it on!

Have a great day all


Glad you're feeling better Andy :)

Starting the day with a 'power run' hey? Sounds like you really mean business. I'll bet you'll be invincible at work today. ;)


Hi Andy, missed your rant yesterday (always good to have those and get things off your chest), pleased you are feeling better today and that you did not cave, well done :)


It's tough Andy, when you get a rough deal at work.

But nothing is worth the old ciggie so well done!!


Ya can't beat a good rant. Love it:eek:


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