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No Smoking Day
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Big test coming up

Pardon me while I have to open my iphone app to see how many days it is... .

34! I guess that's a good sign that I don't know it off by heart anymore!

Anyway. I have a bit of a bender planned for tomorrow (to use bafans cool term that I hadn't heard for ages)..

I'm pretty nervous of this one because there's a lot of non smokers there, but once the shots start flying at the end of the night, it's not strange to even see one or 2 of them with a fag hanging off their vacant expressions.. :)

I know the fact that most of them don't smoke will make it easier, but this one is a big tipping point for me!! Let's hope I get over this mountain!! Wish me luck (I'll have a few carlsbergs for you all)!

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That's quite a toughie but I'm sure you will keep to it. Just think of how sick it will make you feel, especially if you've had a few bevvies.

Not sure where you are, but if there's a smoking ban then at least you can stay in the warm :)

Good luck, you can do it :cool:

edit: just seen where you are, doesn't come up when you press reply. Is there a ban in Denmark?


You mean a smoking ban?

There is. It's a ban on smoking in bars, but if the bar is less than 45 square metres, they are allowed to carry on smoking. So you tend to find that the poky little bars that you fall into at 2am are the ones that you can hardly see the bar because of the haze of smoke in them!

Actually, I don't find that so appealing. the air is so thick with smoke that you end up not being able to breath, whether you smoke or not!


Heheh! Before the smoking ban in England (2007 or 2008, maybe?), even as a smoker, I avoided some smaller venues as the air was so thick with smoke that it made my eyes sting!

Anyway, while you are out giving yourself a well-earned hangover, I am visiting family. And I'm not gong to smoke, no matter how stressful it gets. So... if you find yourself thinking that "one wouldn't hurt..." just remember how you'll feel when you post back in the Day 1 forum!

I'd say good luck, but I'm sure that you won't need it! :)


It's a ban on smoking in bars, but if the bar is less than 45 square metres, they are allowed to carry on smoking.

That seems a bit daft to me - allowing smoking in places with less air to circulate :rolleyes:

Have a good night tonight :)


That's Danish logic for you!

From the same country that has some of the cheapest cigarettes in Europe, but makes Marmite and Bovril illegal because they contain vitamins!


Hi Barney,

I have had this problem in recent weeks and leading up to the few nights I have had out since quitting I was really apprehensive too.

To my surprise it was easier than I thought, I was at a house party in a room full of smokers last weekend, I just kept telling myself that if I even had one puff it would be disgusting, I would hate myself for getting so far only to relapse etc. It is just a case of mind over matter and to be honest I actually felt sorry for the smokers having to rely on an addiction to have a good time.

Just try and think how proud of yourself you will be the following day, I personally feel as if I can now walk into any situation with other smokers. I just know it won’t bother me anymore.

Good luck buddy !!


I'm happy to report that I'm home with a lack of coordination, but with a complete lack of smoke in my system (apart from what I probably inhaled in the 20 sq metre bar we called into for a game of pool)

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that "kids zumba" tomorrow morning at 10 is going to be a painful experience for all involved (especially me!!)


Well done Barney. Another challenge successfully negotiated!


Well done Barney!

Ouch on the 10am zumba thing though:eek:. Not sure I could do that without a hangover, let alone with.


Proud of you Barney.


<snip> ... but makes Marmite and Bovril illegal because they contain vitamins!

I'm really scratching my head on that one... carrots and cornflakes have vitamins in them too...

Still, I suppose it is good to know that governments make bizarre decisions wherever you live! :confused:

Anyway, well done, Barney! :)


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