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Day 12 and doing good


Hi folks, day 12 for me today and another weekend ahead, i always hate weekends as i tended to smoke the most then. i managed last weekend by keeping myself busy, which is what i plan to do again this weekend.

So far ive done pretty good, been a bit tetchy over the last few days, ive had a lot going on at work which meant Ive been a little over tired on an evening but ive got through.

my downfall was always weekends and generally after stopping for around three months when i tended to get bored and the idea of not smoking seems to fade, well wish me look folks over the next couple of days. im sure ill be ok.

I just know whats around the corner thats all.

keep up the good work folks. together were strong.

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Hello si, yes yor dong great, these weekends off can throw us off track slightly . But hoping not to hard for you my lovely. Pat soon :)

Meant post soon lol, fingers in front of my mind lol:)

Hi Si,

Congratulations on day 12, you're doing great. Think positive this weekend and have a good one ! :)

Keep moving forward Si, nearly at 2 weeks now :cool:

Have you thought about getting a proper weekend hobby that involves being around other people? It'll keep you occupied and the thoughts of smoking in the background.

Change what you've done the other times to give yourself the best possible chance of success. The drinks are on ice, all you have to do is come to collect them :cool:

Fantastic Si- you're doing wonderfully well. :D

I know what you mean about weekends. Even now I find weekends are the time when I feel slightly twitchy. I think the best advice is to keep busy. If there's nothing obvious that needs doing go for a long walk or a run or a swim or something energetic.

Just hang on in there because it really will get easier. :)

Well done Si, you'll be into week 3 before you know it, and then looking at the 1 month stage..keep going mate :)

That's brilliant, huge well done to you!!

Keep up the good work! :)

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