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Day 24 - Aloha peoples

Hiya All

Just dropping in to say hello. Still smoke free and loving the fact that Im not feeding the old habit. Last two days have been really tearful for me as Dads gravestone was erected today and with that brought back a very sad memory of the day he died :(. Had he of not smoked all those years, would he still be with us all today? Anyway, at least at the end of my tears, I smiled and thought of him and thought he'd be so proud of me for giving up and he wouldn't want me to be in a dismal mood.

On a lighter note, I'm off work on annual leave. I went out earlier to paint some more of my new fencing and the bleeding heavens opened with no warning. Couldn't believe it, I swore somebody opened a zip in the clouds. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Right now Im watching tv and im bored so I thought I'd pull out the laptop and blog a bit. Also made a fresh pork casserole with sage gravy for dinner this evening, boy did it taste delicious. Im finding Im enjoying cooking again. Aint there just enough time in the day to do everything?

Laptop battery now telling me its at 10%. Just not my day. Ok folks will sign in later on in the week.



Breathe free and stay safe

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Hi Paula, it will be 25 days now, nearly a whole month, how fantastic, quitting with such style my lovely

Your pork dish sounds wonderful.

Just keep going Paula , doing fantastic:)


not long till your entering anew room hun :) your doing so well especially with the emotional day you had too

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Sorry about your dad Paula, but glad to hear you're still going strong despite everything. He would have been so proud of you I am sure....

Hope you manage to get your fence painted today and that the sun shines on you. :)


Hi Paula

Emotional times, but for sure your Dad would have been so proud of you for quitting these nasty little buggers.

Glad you are still fighting strong and loving your new life!

Isn't it just soooooo great being a non-smoker? WTF were we all thinking for so long? It makes me feel like a complete idiot

I'm hungry thinking about the casserole ;)

Have a great day, we've nearly got 1 month behind us!!!!! Time to start thinking about the penthouse furnishings! ;)



Hi Paula, sorry to hear that you lost your Dad, I feel for you as I lost my own Dad to a blood clot following an operation, he had given up smoking for the 18 months before he died but had smoked for 50+ plus before that.

Pleased to hear you are doing so well, 24 days is fantastic and you still seem so upbeat and positive about the quit which is great. :)


So good to hear from you all, thanks for all your comforting and sincere replies. :):)


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