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My achievement to quit

I had some really tough things going on in my life, and many times i had quit and returned to the dreaded fag, but once i moved and live alone and got settled I just stopped, having nobody around me that smoked was the right time. I am so pleased that I have now reached 11 months.

NO it was not an easy thing to do and had been through struggling times but I was determined to do this, I have been irritable depressed emotional and all the things that you get when quitting, I bit my nails i got angry with myself. I began looking at things in a different way by whatever challenges and struggles I had to deal with having one fag does not change the situation that you are having.

This forum and all of the people I have met on here are the most amazing people I have ever met. This forum is the place to be.

Good luck to all new quitters and those that are on their journey to the penthouse. As I am almost there.


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Good morning fleet wood! What a lovely positive post.:)

You are nearly at the magic gate to the penthouse. So amazing.

Thanks for sharing.



Awesome post! I thought I was alone in how hard the depression hit and so afraid I'd never feel better. You're absolutely right about this forum too- these folks are great!! Thanks for sharing!


Lovely post Fleetwood :)

I so agree with you. The forum is a very special place indeed and full of very special people (of whom you are most definitely one. :))


Lovely honest post and again very thought provoking for me.

One of my challenges has definitely been how to deal with emotional/stressful moments. I would automatically have reached for my smokes and gone outside. I realised that I was using the cigarette as a 'time out' and it was very difficult initially for me to stay in a room and carry on a difficult conversation with my OH. Lots of deep breathing definitely helped!

Can't wait to cheer you through the doors of the penthouse,


Well done Fleetwood, almost at the Penthouse :)

Lovely post too :)


I smell nice

Thanks for your lovely replies. As now i am in the penthouse. Feeling good smell nice. Never give up givin g up.



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