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Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to say I slept for 5 hours solid last night! Woke up briefly at 4.30am then went back to sleep until my alarm 2 hours later. Feel amazing after all that sleep:)

Looking at holidays for later in the year and I was reminded of last years, we arrived early at Gatwick and checked in, I didn't know you couldn't get out again - no smoking - for hours! I was so stressed and moody until we landed in Greece, at which point I selfishly abandoned my husband at the luggage carousel while I sprinted outside for a fag - then he spent ages looking for me!

I won't miss things like that, actually whenever we went out for a day (museums/zoos etc) I would arrive and immediately look for smoking areas/signs and worry how long I would have to go without.

Looking back it seems a bit ridiculous that smoking ruled so much of my life.

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Brilliant post Nicky,

This is one of the added bonuses of quitting that I'd forgotten about. Going anywhere new was a trauma. Where and when can I next smoke totally ruined any day out. You are so right it was ridiculous.

It makes me laugh when I hear the phrase 'people who choose to smoke' we didn't choose to smoke we HAD to smoke because we were addicts.

It's so nice to be free.:D


Hi Sued

Thanks for your comment. I hate the phrase 'choose to smoke' too, I think my example kind of sums up that it's an addiction and not normal behaviour. :)


@ Nicky Definitely a great example of addiction and I think that really helped me to make this quit my last one. Realising that I was totally addicted to nicotine made a huge difference to my mind set. Before I'd always hidden behind the idea that I liked smoking or that it made my life better when the truth was my brain was craving a drug. Once I'd accepted that, I found it much easier to quit without any feelings of loss or depression that had struck in previous quits.

@Jen I've now gone past the stage of missing it on a night out as well, so I'm sure it'll come.


Really good post Nicky- it's so true and it is something I don't miss one little bit. Driving up to the Lake District in May, we stopped for breaks at service stations as we always do and there were all the addicts crowded outside feverishly chain-smoking. I would have been amongst them the same time the previous year (didn't smoke in the car). I didn't miss 'going out the back' on my last night out with best friend either (again, it would have been unthinkable previously for me to have lasted out the night without umpteen fag breaks).

Looking back on it, the nicotine addiction put the mockers on many a day/evening out. We really must have been bonkers musn't we? :)


I so agree

Couldn't agree more Nicky,your airport story so reminded me of myself. Days out could be pretty awful until I had established where I could smoke.

The dread of seeing the notice that it was a non smoking site was alarming and would really put a damper on a day out with the family and me being the only smoker amongst them meant I had no one to share this with.

Well done on your quit Nicky



Well said Nicky I thought this too. We smoked to destress (or so we thought) but they just ended up stressing us out more. It seems so ridiculous now but we all need to remember what it was like to keep our motivation in check. x


Hi Nicky.

We are so alike! My quit this time was actually prompted by my holiday, we are going to Hong Kong and then Maritius and I have got 3 12hr flights and thats without hanging about 3hrs at the airport! We go away with another couple and I was the only smoker, we would collect the luggage and then have to go to outsize luggage to get my OH golf clubs and last year I was so stressed out I left them all to charge outside for a fag! This year I am so looking forward to not feeling like that!

Bev. xx


Thanks for all your replies guys.

I'm glad my post reminded you all of the addicted behaviour.

@Befly, my family are pretty much all smokers but my husband and his family are all non smokers (felt very antisocial!) so holidays and evenings out with them were uncomfortable, but only because before I even left home I was worrying about when/where I could have a smoke and as others have replied, it does ruin things. I have been out for a meal with the non smoking in laws recently and it was so nice and relaxed not smoking:)

@Gilly49 - Oh god a dreaded non smoking site, ruined my day completely (and everyone else's as my mood wasn't pleasant to say the least).

Since putting my airport story and reading all your replies I feel so positive that I will not smoke again, so thank you.



My family have nearly all gone from smokers to non smokers, just my daughter who needs to stop now, she gave up both times she was pregnant and then started again, silly girl, she does only have about 2 a day though. Didn't lose any weight this week but didn't think I would. Glad you are feeling so strong! We are sooooo going to make it this time!!:D:D:D

Bev. xx


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