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hello all!!

hello everyone!

I have been stalking this site for the past month or so and here I am:D

I quit smoking on Monday at 6pm after deciding enough was enough after ten years smoking 20 a day and getting closer to 25. I had patches sitting staring at me that I got from my pharmacist the week before and thought what have I got to lose? and realised nothing!! so here I am:)

yesterday was a breeze, I surprised myself by being out in the garden with a cuppa as the weather was nice on quite a few occasions and coping well with the cravings!

Today I am determined! I am feeling my determination dwindle on occasion but I am quickly throwing those nagging thoughts 'one wont hurt' to the back of my mind. the cravings are much worse than yesterday. come 6 pm I will have made it 48 hours without a cigarette! never thought id say that ever!!

i just need to keep on fighting those craves and ill be greeting day 3 with a smile in no time!

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Welcome to the forum Laura and many congratulations on taking your first steps towards permanent freedom :)

There have been quite a few new members joining during the past week or so, so you will have plenty of company on your journey (having a few quit buddies can be really helpful in my experience). The forum is a lovely place to be- you'll get all the advice, support and companionship you could possibly ask for from the wonderful people here- and we're all in the same boat no matter what stage of quit we're at.

Read, post, join in and share your experiences with us. You're doing really, really well and by the end of today you'll be well on the way to getting your first week under you belt- how fantasic is that? :)


Hi Laura, so lovely to have you with us, and a great start to your quit.

It is a bit of a roller coaster at first, but this will settle😍

Any difficulties please get on here, great start, just keep going:)


hi laura same quit date as me,day1 and most of today ok,one or 2 little niggles but overall better than expected .good luck


Thank you all for your warm welcomes:) it's amazing what a little encouragement and support does!

My first 48 hours are coming to a close, shocked I've made it, but absolutely thrilled with myself! Lol! It's been a roller coaster of a day, so much so I think I've invented new emotions hehe! I'm ready for tonight and hopefully will sleep better!

Dyson- Well done on your quit! We won't regret it:) I'm glad it's going ok for you, and more so that we are buddies! We can do this! Xx


Well done!

Hi Laura

Congratulations on your quit. My last cigarette was about 8pm on 22nd so day 3 for me today. We will be able to keep each other going and stay smoke free :D


Welcome Laura,

Great decision, both to quit and join the forum. Life truly is sweeter without being a slave to a plant!!! Hope this evening goes well.


Yay! You'll get plenty of support on here - that's my experience after 10 days - so encouraging and empathetic. It may be a roller-coaster or it may be a breeze - either way, I have found it really good to check in regularly to keep me on the straight and narrow.

To infinity and beyond!!


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