No Smoking Day
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Armageddon outta here :(

Oh dear, well I haven't had a puff but I've been closer than close. Did anyone else turn into the Incredible Hulk (rage-wise) by Day 6?

Thank God there have not been too many living creatures near me today otherwise there would have been collateral damage! Does the absence of nicotine mean you turn into Mr Angry on a permanent basis? Shocking ain't the word!

I do hope this gets better or passes otherwise I'm not fit to be let loose in society :( :(

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It does pass, I had a week of utter disjointed fury, the second week was better, by week four, it had all passed.

Keep at it, it will all go away in time.


Thanks so much everyone. It's good to hear (though I wouldn't wish this anger on anyone!) that I'm not the only one. God, it's been awful and I've really not known where to 'put' these shocking feelings. But I'm not going to give in just because there's no easy short cut....grrrrrr, fighting talk and all that!

I appreciate you sharing your experiences as it's given me strength. Maybe one day I'll be as chilled as tractor girl, ha, ha!


How's things today Badge?

Hope you're feeling a little less like you want to trash the place. :)


Hi Skiddaw

How kind of you to ask. Feeling a bit down and deflated but I realise now this is going to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Hopefully I won't be firing off any exocet missiles today in anyone's direction.

I've been reading through lots of posts especially of 'later weeks' to come, to give me the incentive to carry on and see how others have journeyed through.

I'm off to the gym (shock, horror, probe!) now that I can get a bit of oxygen in and out of my lungs without sounding like I'm chewing a gravel pit!

Have a lovely day, you smoke-free Champion!


Thanks for that powerhouse of wisdom, Max. I really needed to hear that. It's a great analogy and one that I should have 'twigged' as I'm quite interested in psychology, m'self.

What you say makes a lot of sense. I know that when you 'give something up', even when it's really bad for you, it's still a loss so you still need to go through a grieving period..which as you say, involves anger, confusion, longing, etc.

I saw a bloke light up while I was out today and all I could think of was what I was 'missing' as waves of self-pity came over me... Ha! Oh, yes! That'll be the slavery to addiction, the humungous pong, the rasp of air through the lungs, the untold damage to just about every internal organ in my body. Mmmmm. No brainer! Happy Days! :D:D


Hi Badgepup

I have experienced the rage and yes it's awful but it goes:) The gym is a great idea and it is lovely to be able to breathe better. I used to cough all the time, now hardly ever and it's what keeps me going.

The noticeable benefits will keep you going too, well done on getting this far.


Thank for your encouragement Nicky :D:D:D:D



Nice one Badge, I'm into my 4th day only, everyday is a struggle for me too.

The mornings are the hardest, and then the after lunch timings, and early evening timings, but so far so good.

Exercise would be good, help pump so dopamine into our recovering brains.


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