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Here Till The 10th July!!!

Well its 3.00pm on thursday....and I'm due here in 9 hours.So I'm early:D

felt like getting out of week 3 and hopping into Month 1......WOW.....

I'll return at MIDNIGHT.

When i get to 10th July I'll post less frequently but still keep in touch!!!

You need to be strong and committed.......and never take another puff...thats about it really.The bottom line.....forgetting the expense.....IS....

I DONT WANT TO DAMAGE MY HEALTH ANY MORE......and want my body to repair itself as much as it can....I believe (having had XRAYS and lung function tests) all is well ...I had a total health check recently.All is well-----Thats why I want To STAY QUIT for the rest of my life.

Best Wishes for all your quits .


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There's 3 of us now in the Month Room from Class of June 2011 - we're waiting patiently on you Douglas!!! :)


22nd day.

Officially settled into MONTH 1......and liking it Too Much!!!...Hi Blondie ET AL.

Well as my '''friend''' Joel says....At this stage I should just be getting on with life.

The quit is running as smooth as I could expect at this stage....Its SMOOOTH:)

No NRT and Not About To Fall...Life goes on and really Smoking Is Still Completely Out Of The to speak.

Given It Up As A TOXIC Friend......Goodbye.....

I think now I have saved maybe close to £100.With 10 fags at £3.70 in my area.And some days maybe smoking more than 10 fags....For sure:eek:

So as I head into Day 22...I still Love my quit and everything about it.....those craves still nibble a little...let them...they can!!!!!:D

best Wishes To You All with Your quits and 5mol<er I'm with you all the way..we seem to have shared a similar past.

See you Midnight tomorrow for DAY 23.



and a similar future, free from smoking :) yes, smoking can just :D interesting how the second time quitting is so different from the first, i guess for both of us it won't really be till the 6 months mark that we find ourselves up against the unknown - right now we are ighting an enemy we at least partly understand, which is good.

At this stage I should just be getting on with life

spot on, exactly what we need to do, get on as if nothing has changed :)


Well done Douglas.... laughing at your talks with smoking head :D:D ! and loving your positive fight going on! brilliant on your day 22! :)


Day 23.

Onwards I March into July:confused:

Well heres to the next 5 months and a week...:eek:AND INTO THE UNKNOWN.:eek:

Sure now the quit is beginning to feel a bit OLD HAT....been there b4 and KNOW deep down its with me (the quit) for a good time to come,maybe FOREVER.One day at a time.

Any temptation to smoke.......ZERO.

Grinding my teeth a little.....that will pass If I remember.The craves are MINUTE compared with the EARLY daze.Appetite good ...Sleeping GOOD.

Missing Smoking ZERO.

Noticing LOADS and LOADS of Smokers OUT THERE.

Hopefully 3 weeks of Not smoking has done my body the world of good.....Long may it continue.

See You Later.

Best Wishes To my June Quitting friends.



Well done Douglas .... you send very determined to make this your last quit and I am sure it will be :cool:

Best wishes Trev


Day 24.

Saturday.23. as smoothassilk.

Wow how many people still smoke in central London......BIG WOW.

No craves to speak of today.

Moving into DAY 25 in a few(22) hours:)

So- little to report and looking forward to being in MONTH 2 in a week.

The novelty of not smoking is now wearing off and its into a routine now.

Hardly looking at Joels vids anymore or any other reinforcement material.

Its now Day by Day....Into The Next Week And Month and :eek:YEAR:eek:

Mustn't forget NEVER ANOTHER PUFF.As If I WOOD.:rolleyes:

Loving My TRANCE music from SILOM RD......Bangkok.

Much Respectacles 2 ALL.



DAY 25.(in 2hours)

Little to report ......Everything going AS SMOOTH AS SILK.

Cant wait to set my foot inside MONTH 2 (next)Sunday night.

Will I get there? ........99.9999999999999999999999999% GUARANTEED.

So as day 25 fast approaches I will report back in 24 hours.

Quitting can be done .......But I understand everybody is different and has different issues.

The main thing about quitting smoking is you must have objectives.You cant quit HALF HEARTEDLY.

You Must Be Strong and Not Let A PLANT defeat you.

You must NEVER forget why you Quit(like I did)......or you'll be smoking again as sure as eggs are eggs.

Never be tempted to light up again......Theres NO POINT.

Best wishes 4 Your quits



Hey DJ .... so proud of you! Day 25 now

your post is brilliant and made me feel even happier then I already do! must be something in the air :) ...well done mate, and keep on pulling up them nasty type plants :D


Day 26.

:) 100% OK TODAY

:DC U in twenty 4 hours:D


ps fanx a mill kk.


Day 27.

Posting a little early at 2.11pm on Tuesday DAY 26 of my quit.

Another typical Smoke Free Afternoon.

So now apart from that Teeth Clenching thingy that comes and goes all is smooth.

Will post again tomorrow night...take care all.


DAY 27 Has Arrived.

So Last Night Off I tubed to SLOANE SQUARE at 5.00 It was pouring.

Masterpiece Fine Art Fair was a few minutes away.


I THOUGHT I was going to EXPLODE.


They went AWOL!!!!!

No wonder people return to smoking.........these craves can come OUT OF THE BLUE.


I ALWAYS had a fag or five at these fairs(OUTSIDE) strong very very strong.

It pays off in the end.

The Tobacco plant can F...Itself!!!

So now I'm back home at 00:15 tapping away on the MacBook Pro having bought NOTHING at the fair

And most Importantly Kept My Quit...Strong and Healthy.

Very very strong Cheddar Cheese and Decaf Coffee and before a Hot Radox bath.......

Thats the way to do it!!!

See you Later



DAY 27 has arrived!!!

And My Quit Calendar says...Day 27. Think of the process this way: You're going through a nasty but short-term battle with a self- serving mental dragon for some incredible long-term gains: better health; better-smelling breath, clothes and hair; a significantly reduced risk for deadly diseases; and freedom from addiction.

I Love My Quit....I must be a masochist:eek:


see you later.




You're going through a nasty but short-term battle with a self- serving mental dragon

lol, ye exactly what it feels like!! nice one douglas :)


Well done Douglas for pushing through the pain - another milestone reached :)


You are doing really well Douglas keep on fighting!



Day 28------ 4 weeks.

Day 27 came and went.It was a fine day which started for me sometime after Midday.The late afternoon was spent with a friend ,sitting outside a pub in North west London having a couple of halves of CIDER.....and in my case watching the smokers smoke.....NO PROBLEMS for me with that.

Today was SIMPLES compared to yesterday,when all HELL broke loose.

Now at 11.30 pm having spoken to a friend (on the phone)for an hour who lives in New Jersey ...I will soon be entering Day 28.

5mol<er,Blondie72,betty boop thanks for your kind comments.

See you in 24 hours.



Hey D.J

Thanks for all of your posts you have been an inspiration to me.

Your positivity is amazing

Good luck and thanks again.


Cold Turkey smoked 20 a day


Hey Dj...Day 28 almost done for you now.... WOo HOo to you!..well done ikkle quit matey :)


Day 29.

With 10 hours to DAY 30.......Everything Is Fine.

Still a Little bit of Teeth Clenching...I don't know why....i dont chew gum.:rolleyes:

Anyway just another day,smoke free.

I feel totally relaxed as a non smoker now and its beginning to feel -SOMEWHAT NORMAL-I dont smoke anymore.

There is nothing to regret about not smoking and everything to gain.

So at 2.10 pm on Friday 8th JulyI bid you all farewell till Saturday night.

Have a great weekend everyone and best wishes for success with your quits.

Thanks KK and John!!!!!



Day 30.

Thought i'd do a quick post as I felt like it!!!!

Well tomorrow night I'll be posting in MONTH 2.

From Day 3 to Month 2 came in the blink of an EYEBALL>amazing really how time flies.

The worst is well and truly over..DONE and DUSTED.

Now the long journey into MONTH 6.....and the UNKNOWN beckons.:eek:

I've decided while i'm in month 2 to post every 2 days.So there should be 15 posts.....Did someone say...Is That A Threat Or A Promise.:rolleyes:

It will keep me on the ball and I enjoy it.

The things I've noticed health wise are numerous.

My circulation is definitely improved.

i'm not out of breath like before.

My tongue is a different colour....Its GREEN!!!!!

Joking.....Its A nice shade of pink(b4 It was coated white colour YUK)

Yes cigarettes are disgusting.

My teeth and gums are better(due to circulation)

Appetite improved......but not gaining weight.

Hair cleaner than when smoking.

Nails clean and normal instead of some being nicotine stained.

Sleep improved.

General mental state EXCELLENT.

The list goes on.

I'm SO SO Happy to have given up smoking.

And I've saved about £130+

Cant be bad.......SMOKE FOR WHAT.???????

I love my Quit...I hope You Do TOO.

See you later


P.S If I/You Feel Tempted to Smoke this Should Put An End To THAT THOUGHT

This Is My LAST POST HERE......See You IN MONTH 2.


You are doing really well Douglas month 2 here you come, Isn't it great to feel so much better not smoking.

Onwards and upwards my friend.

Maria.;) x x


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