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day 22

As it is my day 22 I can officially join the 1 month thread. Will feel I have hit the target next Monday night when it will be a full month but hey, I will take all the milestones I can tee hee.

I have bored my friends senseless with my Facebook no smoking diary up dates, reminding myself of the positives, high lighting any triggers, rage or just madness ramblings. Giving them a break and only posting once a week there now but nice to get their support as well as yours on here, so thanks quit buddies.

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Well done, you are on a role now. The thing about Facebook is that non-smokers and smokers alike have no idea what it is like to quit so they can only offer so much support until we sound like broken records. To us our quits can be all-consuming but they have no idea, I have found.

Which is why I love love love this forum because it never gets sick of anyone banging on about quitting!

Keep up the good work x


I did start it before I found the forum so just kept with it. Plus I like doing their heads in lol. Mentioned I had tolerance depletion yesterday and funnily enough they stayed out of my way today at work. Which is strange because I had a great day at work. Ha its not smoking its them that drive me potty lol.

I do like this forum brcasuse as you say we all understand what each is potentially feeling and that can only be a good thing !


The first month is such a fabulous mile stone to tackle. It makes you feel on top of the world and that nobody can take you down. :cool:

You're doing great by the sounds of it. Just remember whenever the odd crave comes just say "NOPE" and it will be gone by the time you know it. :cool:

You have the nicodemon by its throat, just ride him down until he stops struggling.


Woo hoo Mrs :) we are going to do this flower! Nearly a month now :D:D xxx


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