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3 week hula


Yeah finally day 21 is here, so 3 whole weeks smoke free. Into week 4 we go.!!! As its going to ****** rain all week and I can't walk to work in my keeping trim mojo, I upped my game at dancing fitness class and went back to 3 inch heels. Unfortunately got a bad case of cramp half way through lol but that's just breaking them in again. I am finding that I have a really dry mouth at moment which is infuriating as I have to brew up more ha ha.

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3 weeks is an amazing achievement. You really sound like you've got it sorted. Freedom awaits you.:)

Well done on your week 3. I'm so interested in trying a dance fitness class, I'm guessing with heels it is latin dancing? How do you find it? What sort of dance is it?

Hey Kirstie. It is a mix of Latin and ballroom steps that are put into quick sets rather than a strict dance routine. My teacher started it up but has been rolled out to a few dance schools across the country. Its called Retrofit. I love it because it fun and not boring like the gym x

Woo hoo well done flower :) we got to keep it going xxxx

Thanks Mrs, I'll have a look into it I love stuff like that x

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