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Most stressful day ever today, car had an MOT 12 days ago and failed on a few little things (I'm a student and drive an old banger haha) so I had my neighbour who is a mechanic repair them for me, he does it every year. I took it back to be retested and they said somebody has hit me and that the headlamp is lose and charged me £120 for a new one, knowing full well my MOT run out today so I was buggered especially with all the running round I have coming up. First thing I wanted to do was run to the shop and buy cigs but my OH wouldn't let me.

I'm disappointed in myself that the first thing I feel when I am stressed is a craving. I'd hate to think what I'd be like if he wasn't around to stop me.

Mind you I've been at the kiosk in Sainsbury's a few times about to buy them and have stood there dallying for five minutes before deciding against so maybe I am being too hard on myself. I just want this feeling to go away now!

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Yes, when there's a sudden stress overload, our thoughts do tend to instantly focus on nicotine. It does happen less as time passes Kirstie, but in the meantime you've held firm and that takes some doing. Well done you! :)

Do you have something to resort to as an emergency aid if it really gets too much? I can't remember if you're taking the CT approach or not.

Sorry about the unexpected expense re the car. Things you could well do without...:mad:


To be honest it was the car on top of every other thing that has been getting on top of me at the minute.

I have been cold turkey the last month, I had an ecig before that but I so rarely used that that I have in fact lost it... oh dear. I don't think I'll need it, my emergency option is my OH physically restraining me haha (I have actually asked him to in my moments of quit clarity).

I'm feeling much much better today, trying to not let things stress me out.


That's good to hear :)

Your OH sounds like a wonderful man. I should love to see him sitting on you to prevent you going to the newsagent! :D


Well done Kirsty xx


...I took it back to be retested and they said somebody has hit me and that the headlamp is lose and charged me £120 for a new one,...

Retest should only test the things it failed on in the first place, I think they are taking the pi55 and could be in very deep water if you made an issue out of it.


Can't really add to what's been said already other than this.

Would having a cigarette make the issue that is stressing you go away like some kind of magic wand? You know the answer to that one as much as the rest of us.

Lighting up will solve nothing. It'll add guilt and negativity to the way you feel adding more stress and then boom! Hello twenty a day habit and then back to those hideous first few days of withdrawals and mega cravings...

You have come so far...don't let the weed back in. We all have stressful days and situations all through our lives. Tobacco is not a cure for those situations, it is your worst enemy. Keep kicking it into touch.


Keep going you will get there:D

Day's like that make you stronger:D


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