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Goodbye months 4 & room

I will soon be hitting 6 calendar months, so am shortly going to have to pack my things and move to the next room :)

Been a good month with no cravings. I guess I do think about cigs but only for a short moment and it's definitely not a crave. After so many previous failed attempts I am now realising this quit is the one and smoking for me is now history.

For those just starting their quit and having a rotten time, please stick with it. It does get easier. When I joined this forum and read threads saying "6 months no smoking" etc etc I was so jealous as I felt I would never be able to sustain a quit for that long.

And now I hit 6 months next Friday!! :)

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Great news Woody - another November quitter hitting the halfway house

Save a seat for me :D


Yay for our Woody! :D

I shall be cheering Woody, Firefly, Lucy, and any of the other remaining Nov/Dec quitters into Halfway House.

I shall be bringing up the rearguard in early June...:)



I'm getting so excited seeing people I 'know' making it to 6 months.

It's different to when I first got here. As Woody said I too was in awe of the people who were posting 6 months smoke free but they were like untouchable gods and I reallly didn't think I'd get there.

Well done you Nov/Dec quitters. It's going to be an unending carpet of success for the next few weeks. Looking forward to cheering each and every one of you in, then it'll be my turn:D sooooo excited:D


Brilliant stuff Woody, 6 months... That's a half a year!!! :D definitely on the home strait now, well done xx


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