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No Smoking Day
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Hello month 4 & 5 room. Space for one more?

Hello all. By my calculations I hit day 120 today and so am joining month 4 & 5 room:) I am so glad my quit is still going strong and that I am a third of the way to the penthouse.

In those gloomy first few days last November, I never thought I would get this far. This forum has been a massive help.

Thanks to no cigs, I was able to do a 35 km run this morning. So many health benefits to not smoking. Only 3 more weekends to my London marathon!!!!

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Woody, what a massive achievement, many congrats:D. Your a inspiration to those who follow on tour foot steps.:)

Marathon, now that's something else, fantastic:)


Well done Woody.......:D

Really pleased for you x


Flipping fantastic Woody- so good to see the November (and early December) Quitters going strong. You really, really deserve your place in the new room and I hope you are suitably proud of yourself both for that and for your 35k run. You'll have no difficulty with the London Marathon at that rate. :D

Save me a place in the new room would you? I'm riding in your slip-stream. :)


Welcome to the 4-5 month room.

Loads of space here as quite a few have moved on to the 6 month room.

35 km run? - get out of here!!

Massive achievement - well done and good luck with the marathon in a couple of weeks


Absolutely amazing Woody, many congrats :) x


Really well done Woody great to see you doing so well :)


Thanks for your replies. Yes not long till London marathon! That event was the key reason why I had to quit smoking. But once the marathon is done, I definitely will not be lighting up


Hi woody,

Respect to that man the London marathon what an achievement :D

And 120 days fantastic:D


Thanks beer! Yes when I applied for the marathon many people who knew me raised an eyebrow. I knew they were thinking how can that smoker possibly run 26 miles?? Well I am proving them all wrong:)


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