No Smoking Day
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Feeling like I could have a fag,

Honestly, not going to smoke, not least as is Sunday, had coupe of glasses of wine ( alcohol is not a normal trigger for me). , and in my jim jams after my bath. But smoking is on my mind, don't know why?

Any way can't have one as not got any,will just have to push through arrrrr. Will be another day tomorrow.

Note to self, Tracey you are not going to smoke. The savings in my mind are massive!

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BH Monday syndrome Tracey. Your mind is telling you that it is a holiday and therefore you should be indulging yourself (plus being a BH everything is out of routine).

You're quite right though- another day tomorrow- and by then you'll be through this and feeling fine & dandy again. :)

I suggest some alternative indulgence is called for. Anything nice in the kitchen you can rustle up? :D


It's good that you know that you're not going to smoke and are just trying to find ways to take your mind off it. Skiddaw is right, make something nice or even order something tasty in! x


I'm feeling a bit cravey today as well Tracey, it must be BH syndrome as suggested :) going to go to bed early and hopefully when I'm back tomorrow at work everything will settle down :/ x


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