Almost double numbers oooh so close

Good morning peeps!!!

So today is my last day in the single digits (beaming here:D) so excited to still be smoke free.

Thank you all for every time you have picked me up when I wanted to let myself fail over the last 9 days. Things are getting a bit easier. I know there are still lots of changes ahead but getting there one day at a time. :):):)

4 Replies

  • I'll be raising a beer in your honor tomorrow!

    Keep it up, I'm running in your slip stream :p x

  • Well how amazing does that feel, into your second week.

    Hope not to many challenges ahead for you, just keep going.

    Yippie doodle happy for you :)

  • Double figures is a great milestone inbetween the week and 2 weeks isn't it.

    I remember it fondly as I felt like I was starting to get somewhere.:D

    Have a great day.

  • That's fab, Sherri :)

    You're really on the way now and I'm full of admiration for you. To be quitting soon after giving up alcohol too is really impressive and you deserve as easy a ride as you can possibly have. Not to mention lots of lovely boat trips and some more dolphins. :D

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