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Limped to day 9!!

Hi all

Well on day 9 now, feels like forever!!

Yesterday was a very bad day, very weepy and emotional but somehow got through it with a bit of vino!

Worrying a lot about the amount I am eating though, lost weight recently and know I will be depressed if I start putting it back on. Husband keeps telling me not to think about it at the moment and focus on the smoking but I don't wont one to cancel out the other if you know what I mean.

Oh well, bit more smiley today so def turned a corner I think. Hope all is going well with everyone else xxx

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Thirded Chloe- your OH is quite right. Don't go beating yourself up about eating a little more than usual. Just try to snack on relatively healthy and low fat things. Fill a big plastic bag with vegetable crudities (carrot, red pepper, celery, spring onions, radishes, all cut into sticks) and when you feel the need fill a bowl with them and dip into any or all of the following:

Salsa (finely chopped tomatoes, chilli, coriander and red onion mixed with some lime zest & juice). Virtually no calories.

Cottage cheese mixed with anything of your choice (I like red onion and a bit of tinned tuna in brine, or smoked salmon off-cuts).

A tablespoon of peanut butter mixed with some lemon juice, fish sauce and soy.

Vegetable juice (the V8 one is nice) with a bit of celery salt & black pepper added, along with a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Low fat hummus (most of the supermarkets do own brand versions these days)

That way, you won't feel anywhere near as guilty about filling your face :)

Hope that helps (and don't forget sugar-free gum of course).


They are brilliant ideas, thank you so much, will get on that. I think I just lack imagination and think.....ummmm cake or crisps!!! Those dips sound great xxx


Glad to be of assistance :D


M&m those dips do sound great will be trying a few of those myself :D


Hya your doing great:)

Putting weight on is def a side effect, it's the craves.:D:D:D

But after having a look round the forum, have realised it does come ack off.

I have taken to eating more white fish, skate, haddock, plaice, sea bass , can do it with. Roasted tomatoe and roast pepper sauce, . Fill you up. Not to many cals,

Please don't give up your quit, just for a few extra pounds, it's no good being a slim dead corps is it?

Your doing great my lovely:)


Well done on reaching day 9. I decided to incorporate eating healthier whilst quitting, by eating better, I have managed to actually lose weight. I am snacking on really low calorie and low carbs too. Lots of healthy things to chomp on so don't worry about weight gain it doesn't have to happen


hello there well done on 9 days dont sweat the small stuff you should expect to put some weight on as thats what you always hear quit smoking and you will gain weight but what they dont tell you is that with time it will come off when i first quit i was scoffing down cakes chocolates etc and you know i really honestly didnt care so long as i didnt light up it was all good now 2 years later i weigh less than i did when i first quit so my advice dont stress over putting a few kilos on when weighed up against the health benefits of quitting your still streets ahead of smoker joe average lol

just dig your heels in and stay determined and you will beat the nicodemon i was a heavy smoker for many many years and if i can succeed (and i have) you can succeed too



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