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No Smoking Day
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100 Days

Actually, 103 day 103 for me :)

I'll say it now, when I started this quit I was in fear of failing just like every other time. As the time passed I've been more and more suprised at me - a day, a week, then a month - I was in real fear of Christmas. But I'm still here after 100 days.

I still think of them occasionlly. I don't have the craves, just the odd thought like you'd fancy a McDonalds or something. I'm not complacent - I know that one puff would take me straight back to 20/day, but I don't smoke at the present.

I truely believe that you people on this site got me here. Reading the words of those ahead of me to know it gets easier (and it does). Reading the hopes and fears of those starting their quits - and seeing their successes. reminds me of my first days and makes me determined not to have to go through that again. And to those who quit when I did - didn't dare be the weakest link in that group!

So - thank you to everyone. You've all helped me either with tales of triumph, or stories of fear. I had both emotions and knowing I'm not the only one has helped so much.

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Good one Dave well done


Dave my lovely....100 days is a massive landmark and a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you.

Onwards and upwards ...:D


well done :d


Wow 100 days, there were times I did not think we would make it past day 2!!

Proud of you my love, I have heard the penthouse in St Barts is coming on very well!


Really well done on 100 days, that is a real milestone

As to Christmas, next year you'll already have been quit for over a year and the festive period will hold nothing new for you to face.



Well done on your 100 days Dave. A huge achievement & am looking forward to being able to post the same (in 98 days lol).

Keep strong, keep happy, keep smoke free :D

Gaynor xx


Thats fantastic Dave :Dwell done and a very inspiring post for newbies to read;):D


congratulations Dave, I agree with everything you say this forum and all the people help so much. Well done,and keep up the good work.

Marie xx


Well done Dave, getting past 100 days is a great milestone.



Hi Dave :D

WOW 100 days that's a fantastic milestone to reach Congratulations


Marg xx



100 days!!!! :):) :D:D


Belated Congratulations Dave.......... :)

I hope you enjoyed a beer or two in recognition of your quit and clearing 100 days. A good post Dave and it's great to read how the smokes rarely cross your thoughts now and in a very low key way when they do :)

Kay too, if you read this then congrats to you too hun.

And Dee and Soosy:cool: Then Nikki, Smokefree in Greece and finally Dawn. Wow, what some great folk doing so well.

All the best with continued smokefreedom

Pol x


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