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No Smoking Day
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Triple figures!! Day 100!

Yay, i have finally made it to day 100!!

As always, i have to thank so many of you for supporting me along the way, i couoldnt have done it without you, thanks.x.

I really feel like i have turned a corner since a few weeks ago and am feeling 100% positive!

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Well Done

Morning Claire

100 days, wow thats Terrific. I bet you feel amazing today as those milestones really do help us all with our quit.

Anyhow, keep it up and again a BIG WELL DONE YOU :)


YAY Claire!!!!!

Fantastic! 100 days is truly amazing! You have made my day....

Jane xx:)


That is fantastic Claire - am very jealous!!


Wow!! 100 days! That's a fantastic achievement Claire :).

Here's to the next 100.

Ed xx


That really is amazing, well done! Also, its great that you're feeling so positive... hopefully I'll turn the corner when I hit triple figures...

AAAANYWAY, congrats! Have a lovely 101st day of not smoking :)


congratulations claire!! 100 days of beating the cravings and dealing with life as it should be dealt with, a great achievement for you and an inspiration for us :)


Well Done Claire 5486 slap on the back and a big glass of wine or whatever you fancy.

100 Days is a cracking quit and you are still raring to go.

Those Penthouse Stairs dont seem half as steep now do they.


Thanks everyone,

Its been a long hard slog at times, but i am really happy that i am sticking to my quit. At times, i could have easily smoked, but i am really relieved that i didnt.

i honestly think that positive thinking is the key to sucessful quit, and have always tried to maintian this (some days better than others!).

You ALL have been so amazingly supportive, especially those who first welcomed me to the board (Jam, you were one of the first, as was Shellywinters, Pookie, Pol just to name a few) and got me through the first few days.

I am almost a third of the way to the penthouse!!!


I'm sorry I've missed this - 100 days (well more than that now) is great - well done Claire xx :)


I'm sorry I've missed this - 100 days (well more than that now) is great - well done Claire xx :)

Thanks Tinks,

dont worry about missing it, thats fine!

How are you doing, are you ok?


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