***100 Days***


Very 'cited!

I have even got up early to celebrate!

I have bought muffins for my long suffering colleagues and have promised not to mention quitting quite as often as I have.

It is a beautiful day here and I shall be enjoying my day a little more than usual.

100 days does feel better than any of the milestones so far - well worth the wait!:D

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  • 100 Fantastic Days

    Ha Ha, Well u sound on top of the world, CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the 100 mark, I am 14 days behind you and cant wait...... Enjoy your day. Really proud of you. Kaz :)

  • Well done Nog, a centurion at your age who would believe it. David

  • ;) Congratulations *100* day's me too it's a really good feeling.

    Well done to you another couple of weeks and we will have got to 4 months how :cool: is that!



  • Congratulations whizzing to you too DD in darkest deepest Lincolnshire. Well done you little yellowbelly you. David

  • Huge congratulations to both - 100 days is awesome!

  • :D CONGRATULATIONS on 100 days. Fantastic stuff. :D

  • Good morning,

    100 Day`s is great well done


  • Hi Nog :D


    100 days is a great milestone to reach

    You have every right to be excited and proud so much so you even get up early and buy muffins for you colleagues


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • 100 days

    Fantastic and congratulations both of you

  • Congrats and well done:D

    Me too 100 days today.

  • Congratulations to both of you on your century milestone!!!

  • A Big Fat

    :D Congratulations :D

    To my quit buddy!!!

  • Well done on making the century, its a major milestone!!!!

  • NOG!!!

    I missed it! I am so sorry! Congratulations for yesterday!!! And freshstart too! So many brilliant feb quitters. Big hugs to you all!! XXXXXXXXX

  • Shoot! Missed it, too :D Congratulations!! nice job on making centurion, Nog!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! 100 days to all of you, nogarD, Dollydreamer, Eileeng73 and freshstart, you are all fantastic and doing brilliant at your quits, this is a grat milestone, so well done again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep smiling all of you!:)


  • Well done--100 days

    Congrats to you's 100 day quitters, im 4 days from that but hey welldone to you and enjoy the muffins !!!!

  • Fantastic nogarD! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone - it only seems 5 minutes since you introduced yourself on this forum (and confused us as to why you were dragon backwards!:))

    You have really got this quit sorted - no need for you ever to take another puff. Well done you non-smoker you :D

  • well done Nog!

    Good grief Im sorry I missed this, I thought I had posted.

    Well done and congratulations, Im right behind you and am so excited for 100days. Yipppeeee!!!!!!:)

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