It is the weekend

Hi Guys,

I am determined not to slip up this weekend and to get some milage back in this quit. I feel so much better when I am not smoking, have more money and smell divine! I so WANT to continue to be this person not just for today but for every day for as long as I live.

The craves are evil for me at the weekend so have quite a bit planned and if all else fails I will go to bed and sleep.

Happy Friday guys and gals,


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  • Well done Melby, that's a great attitude to have :)

    Keep busy, stay strong and don't let nasty Nic take up any thoughts in your head! Most importantly though, have a great smoke free weekend!


  • good for you Mel, you are doing brilliantly, have a brilliant weekend :) xxxx

  • You can do it Mel,I know you can.:)


  • Have a great weekend Mel! I'm sure you will be just fine as you seem to have the right attitude and you smell great!!:D

  • Hope Saturday has gone well and you have a nice chilled day tomorrow :)

  • Hi Melby :)

    Here's to a laid back and smoke free Sunday. Hope the sun shines upon you.

    All the best from me. :D

  • Hi Guys,

    Had a great weekend - all good :)

    Hope everyone is well & happy today.


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