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Very Very hard weekend

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Hi to you all, how are you all? i havent been on line much this weekend, as ive been trying to keep myself busy as i have had really bad weekend just hope it gets better as this weekend i kept thinking about the bloody fags but i didnt give in and have one i just hope it gets better xx

How you getting on Dave?:confused:

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Hi kaye

this was grrr ahorid weekend hope youre still on the quit despite all ,am still of the fags grrrr can do this

I'm fairly certain both of you, Kay and Duckling, can manage to do this. After all many have before and they've had carp w/ends too. It probably doesn't feel like it just now but you are both doing great and resisting the dreaded lure of nic o'demon. Each time you do that it sets up another layer of the new habit you are instilling. I think that you are both fantastic.

Another day or two down the line and things will have spun 'round and you'll wonder why it was sh1t at the w/end. That constant up and down does happen at first. But the more you resist the less you will feel the pain.

Make sure you are reading up on things, even just the posts here. Get the experience from other quitters.

Best wishes for the week, :)


Hi Kay & Duckling

Great to read you've got yourselves through the weekend and still smoke free.

Kay, I too found the best way to keep my mind from wandering to thoughts of smoking, was by keeping busy and better still, with things that I enjoyed.

It does get easier ........... honestly. I really am finding that is the case now. Plenty of folk have posted how they found week 3 tough going, I found week 2 tough. It varies, but reading ahead, knowing what may be install could help.

Thinking about it though.... it's tough but doesn't it make you feel great to get to each day's end and think.... "I did it" :cool:


Well done Kay & Duckling

Your both doing really well You do get some bad days along the way but more good than bad. Has the time gose on you will find the bad days getting less and less and the good days get even better.xxxxx

Hi Kay and Duckling :D:D

I'm so sorry you both had a grhhhhhhhhhhh weekend but you made it through well done to you both

We have all had days/weekends like that but as Cavalier has said the more times you get through the easier it gets Promise

You're both doing really well and after this week it will get much better for you as well

Keep it going you can do it just grit your teeth, yell, scream, holler, cry whatever it takes to get through is fine

We've all at some point been where you are now and we'll all help as much as we can OK



Had a hellish weekend too and nearly gave in to the nico demon. I didn't and for that I feel very proud!

And we are proud of you too for getting past the w/end without succumbing.

It seems that the w/end can be quite difficult for a few members. If this is a recurring theme then it may pay dividends that you think ahead through the week.....whilst you are in relatively better positions with your quits....and plan activities for the w/end as well as diversionery tactics for when the craves hit.

Well done again Soosy :)


Thankyou Cav - you are all so lovely makes me want to cry.

*passes Soosy a lovely new and dry hankie*



Thankyou Cav - you are all so lovely makes me want to cry.

he makes lots of us want to cry for many different reasons!

sorry for sarcasm mods, could not resist

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