Day 4

Urgh, so it's the start of day 4, I have only been awake for about 3 hours but it feels like 3 weeks!!!

I am tired, grumpy, stressed, craving and my face is itchy (sounds funny writing this, so thats good!), but why is my face itchy... I could scratch it off! According to good old Google, it could be all the toxins leaving your body... really?!?!

F@@k, today is going to be a long day.


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  • Keep pushing on Rustler, the first week in general is pretty crap but after that things should start looking up, try a bit of piriton for the skin maybe? X

  • It's pants at this stage :( and there's no point in me saying otherwise. This is the part you just have to ride out, Rustler, but ride it out you will. :)

    You're doing brilliantly, you really are. Hold on to that thought. :)

  • Thanks guys! Day 4 nearly over for me and yeah it pretty dam crap, but I've got through it!

    Bring on day 5...


  • Well done on getting through day 4.

    Hope day 5 will be better for you :)

  • Hello, well done for getting through day 4-the first week is a dam test, I shudder when I think back to those days, but it gets so much easier, infact soak these moments up-as these memories, these feelings, these hard first days are the best prevention NEVER to smoke again, because you will only want to stop again later down the line and have to go through the same thing ALL OVER keep at it, because life just gets better the longer you go....:D

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