I'm back!

Hello again,

So my first attempt of quitting was January 2013 and I lasted around 18 days, got through the worst and then caved...! I kept saying I would quit again and surely enough months past and I was still smoking!

Anyway over a year has passed and I am now ready for round 2!, more determined and adamant that I will succeed.

Day 1 is nearly over and I feel good, really good actually.

You guys helped me out a lot last year and I am looking forward to chatting and joining you all on the journey.



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  • Hi there! Well you know you an do it because you did 18 days before.

  • Welcome back and good luck x

  • Welcome back Rustler

    A new year, a new start and this time you'll succeed I think. :)

  • Welcome back:D

    You will do it this time.....practice makes perfect:D

  • Yay Lewis!!!

    So don't get too far ahead of me because I will see you in a week. This time we will do this. Congratulations and talk soon!


  • Welcome back, stay strong, you CAN do it

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