No Smoking Day
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Bring on Sunday

Although to day at times seemed difficult, it however has not been the end of the world for me, so looking forward to sunday another day under my belt, bit chuffed about today got by with not to much difficulty

I am wondering, if I will have to focuss all my lfe on my quit, you know like aa.

Or will this feel easier in time.

Happy Sunday one and all :)

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I do hope so, you may have a point my lovely:)


Thanks Kat, I do hope so, am plodding on, and hoping I get to the penthouse:)


You'll get there, Tracey. You'll get there. :D:)


Tracey it will start to get a lot easier and you will get to the point where you only think about smoking and not actually want to smoke - your doing brilliantly :)


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