Month 2 and Bring it on

Well..... who'd have thought it - the start of Month 2 and flying high and I guess I must have been one of the lucky ones or the time was right to quit

Using Champix which have been superb - stopped 4 days after starting the course and never looked back - no side effects - apart from clearer dreams - (Thank you to Helen Mirren and the female cast of Baywatch for making guest appearances :) ) Have managed to lose 12llbs of weight as I decided to start excercising on day one as I knew I would breathe better and now running 5 kms a time 4 times a week - don't know where the energy has come from

All in all - life is good - fitness improving - appetite superb - car and clothes smell fresh - don't have to stand outside in the rain and cold for a fag when down the pub - don't have to disguise my breath - don't worry about running out of ciggies at night - and must be saving money to take my supportive wife away for a treat

Just wanted to share it - wonder why I didn't try earlier and to thank all the forum for their input - I have been a frequent reader but never a writer and its good to know there is support out there and you're not alone

Don't want to crow or sound boastful - jst wanted to share a positive note

Thank you one and all (especially Helen Mirren:D)


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  • Hey Steve.

    Might be the first time you've posted something - but it's great to read something so positive.

    It is fantastic that you're enjoying the 'give up' so much - it's like discovering a wonderdful new world isn't it (and this forum is only part of it).


  • Well done Steve.

    I like the fact that you are running, its something I really want to do too. At the moment my shoulder is on a bit too much pain to cope with the thumping around I think it would get.

    Am i right in thinking my shoulder would suffer or doesn't it affect the upper body?

    I really, really want to do this.

    Lillie xx

  • Thank you for your kind comments - and yes I'm feeling positive about the whole thing

    Lillie - if you can manage it do it is what I say - I started out just walking on day one and gradually increased in line with the days of not smoking - setting myself goals on my route and if you have an iPhone there is an amazing free app called Run Keeper that gives you data

    I don't know if I'm one of the lucky ones or not - but certainly think I had the right mind set to stop - not sure if I could have done it without Champix though - fully expected side effects but nothing - maybe they come later but for now I'll stick with Helen Mirren (her earlier work Karri ;) )

    I can make no apologies for being positive and upbeat...... because I am :)

    Just wanted to share a bit of positive feed back about Champix making life easier

  • Im going to have a go tomorrow. I thought maybe run to one lampost then jog to the next and so on.

    Wish me luck as Ive bought my running shoes now!


  • Thats great news - and the best way to do it - small tagets to start and gradually increase - you'll feel great at the end of it and if like me you haven't excercised for a few years - a great sense of achievement

  • Right im off for a run

    Mash x

  • Right im off for a run

    Have a great run, all of you. I'll be sitting on that bench over there.

    Welcome to the forum Steve - glad to hear that you are feeling positive. I stopped using Champix over four months ago. It really helped me, and it sounds as if it is doing the trick for you as well. Good luck.