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Day 9..Got a burning Question!

okay so im starting to get worried, lol...I am still quit, Day 9 woohoo, have no real desire or want to have a smoke either. i know where's the worry then right! Well im finding myself , Content,Happy,Less Anxious,Less Stressed,just in general Happy! Now im not saying im not a happy person, but normally im middle of the road, i have a lot of ups and downs, i tend to get anxioux/worried and stressed easy, i do get frustrated and feel angry now and then..But not since the im Content and i sleep amazing and im totally scared now its obviously the Champex altering things ...which is fine by me, but i can't take them forever! whats going to happen when i stop! i dont want to be anxious and less happy dangit haha, i wanna be content and sleep well and feel warm and bubbly forever!

anyone even remotely get what im saying? :p

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Sorry Hun, can't help wth this, as. Choose the patch method, but there are many many people on here who can and will help, wish you well:)


Thanks for responding anyhow hun : )


Lol, bless you Jinx I honestly and truly don't think your positive outlook and happy disposition is in any way due to the tablets! In fact, they're much more likely to have the opposite effect so please don't be worrying.

The sleeping for England bit seems to be due to quitting in general although I have to say I found I was sleeping much longer hours after I'd started the tablets and before I'd actually stopped smoking so I think they do have that effect.

The less stressed thing seems to be one of the joys of quitting but you're the first person I've seen mention it so early on - I've found it absolutely mind blowing just how much less anxious and stressed I am now I don't smoke! I truly bought into the idea that smoking helped me calm down and relax, but stopping smoking has really shown me that actually the fags made me stressy.

Don't worry petal, it's fantastic that you're having such a good experience, enjoy the ride and just be prepared for bad days in case they pop up.

Doing great Jinx, nearly double figures already - WOOHOO!:D:D:D

Well thats refreshing to hear! Imagine that hey, it could just be me and not the pills haha..that would be a first! even my husband has said im more relaxed and affectionate. I have heard people say they feel less anxious and stressed and better mood wise in general but not for months and months after quitting..hmm interesting, maybe im responding faster? lol wouldn't that just be dandy to actually be content and happy on my own , its such a novality to me : ) thanks for your reply hun


Hello Jinx,

I'm only on day 17, just a few days ahead of you, but I am now off Chantix and feel none the different. I only took it for 3 weeks and have been off of it for 3 days now. Although I think it did help me get through the early days, I didn't like how it made it feel on the full dosage. So I was only taking half the dosage for almost the entirety of the 3 weeks and couldn't tell a noticeable difference. I felt strong enough and secure enough in where my quit was to stop it all together prematurely. It really does seem like a drug that affects everyone a little different, but I doubt you have anything to worry about. My advice, for what's it worth, is rejoice in the 9 days you've been quit. Focus on the positive of your success and cross the bridge of stopping Chantix when you get to it. Go ask a doctor or quit if you feel negative changes while on the drug, but a positive change is great and is just as likely due to not smoking as it is the pills.


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