No Smoking Day
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My Top Tip: get a hobby!

I don't think enough people take hobbies seriously especially today's kids. And no, Xbox & Playstation does not equal "a hobby" :)

Well it was a lot of money wasted, that's for sure, on smoking. And time too, how much time did you spend doing nothing but smoking?

All that time and money, put it to good use! Don't feel guilty about getting a new radio controlled helicopter or wood-turning lathe, those things aren't gonna kill you... well maybe if you're particularly cack-handeded :P

Time especially, don't waste it all doing more work or hehe... "spending more time with the family" save some for yourself, you deserve it!

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Yes love my Hobbes, photography , schells, and cooking all cost a little I suppose, but better to have a interest in something than nothing, you are right. We should all take a little time to do something we like.!:)


Every time I see the title of this thread in passing I read it as 'get a hubby' :D

Not sure if that would be good advice or seriously bad advice! Suppose it depends on the hub really. Thankfully, mine is a lovely one (bless him..:))


A hobby is always good, here is a picture of the 1st stout that I've made, very tasty


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