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RIP my top brother in law

A week ago here in Cyprus my beautiful Stephanie and here family tragically lost there brother and son, he was 29 years old and just suddenly collapsed and died. He had been living here for 4 years and last August he married his teenage sweetheart Laura, they were together all in all for 13 years. Richard was a fit young man with no health problems, life can be so cruel the good ones always seem to be taken from us. .we still have no idea why he died his heart was good and a heart attack has been dismissed.

Ive lost the best brother in law any body could ever wish for, im sorry to post this sad sad news but i just needed to tell my friends on here how life is so short and it could be snapped away from us in an instant, so please please just have fun and make the most of it



please please copy and paste these 2 websites not to donate (but we would be thankful) just to see his big smile and his vibrant personalty.

Thank you and R.I.P Rich love and miss you mate xxx

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Oh I am sorry Will, that's so sad.


Thank you

Thank you so much KAT :( x


Thank you

Thank you to you too Gemma :( x


What a sad loss, how awful for your family. Saying a prayer for you all.



This is so sad when someone so healthy gets taken away so suddenly. Sounds like he mightve had a pulmonary embolism, they usually are very quick, with sometimes no symptoms.

Really sorry for your loss, will keep you and yours in our prayers.



So sorry to hear your sad news Will

what a terrible shock that must be to loss someone so sudden and so young

sending (((hugs)))

Carol x



So sorry to hear that, so, so sad. Saying a prayer as I type.

Fi x


I am so sorry for your loss.

My deepest sympathies go to you and the family. xxx


So very sorry to hear that, my thoughts are with you all xxx


That is very sad Will, my thoughts are with all of your family at this sad time. Very tragic , someone so young, you just don't expect it, what a shock that must have been.


Very sorry to hear of your sad news. Thinking of you

take care

Donna x


Sorry to hear your news Will, thinking of you & yours this evening......


Life can be very unfair, 29 is so very young.

This evening I'll raise a glass and toast the memory of Rich, and a few others.

This week I've had a couple shock revelations that former clients have died young (50's) it makes you realise that you have to live for today as you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

My thoughts are with you and yours.


thank you

There are so many nice people out there with such big hearts, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS AND ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT AT THIS DIFFICULT TIME.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH xxx Darrell (will) & STEFFI


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