Oops :'(

So I decided to try and see if I can have a drink without smoking - managed 4 large glasses of wine before I caved - had a couple of drags and the head rush nearly killed me and really sent me from tipsy to very drunk.

so I was naughty, but I at least now know that I didn't like it and therefore won't be doing that again - just the thought is making me feel ill and my head hurt

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  • Awww poo :(

    You're not the first and you won't be the last!!

    And you learned from it - you don't enjoy smoking even when you're on the booze :D :D

    I used to smoke enough to do that when I drank - did a great Bambi impression :mad:

    You learned, so that's the main thing!!

  • When i have tried to stop in the past if i had a couple of drags i use to think that i may as well buy some now i have started again.

    No no no don't think like me, a couple of drags or even one cig doesn't make any difference. You still want to stop so just go for it.

    Good Luck:D

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