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No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Well i went to bed at about 10 last night leaving one cig left in the packet, so when i got up at 7.00 i had a shower and came down and screwed my last cig up. If i hadn't i would have smoked it and bought another packet.

So it's already over 12 hours stopped and i bought an e-cig just in case but i have not used it yet. I suppose cold turkey is better cause with the e-cig your still having the nicotine.

Anyway i will see how it goes, i have to go to work later so might take the e-cig just in case.

Good luck to everybody stopped and trying to stop. Never stop trying to stop !

Regards :)

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Oooh off to a good start here :D

Distract yourself as much as poss, glug water and keep busy and it'll go brilliantly!!


Thanks for the mega motivation :D:D:D:D:D


Hello and Welcome.

There are no hard and fast rules on the best way to quit, except what works for you, if it's the e-cig, go for it, anything is better than puffing away on a real cancer stick. As Gem said, distraction and water are your best friends ;) Ice cold water is the best as it "hits" that spot at the back of the tongue and arm yourself with loads of things to take your mind off quitting. Good luck



Good luck today, lots of chewing gum aswell helps and if you use the ecig so be it, as already said anything is better than smoking real fags :)


Good luck for day1......keep the e cig close first few days....Even if you don't use it you know it's there for back up...:)


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