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Anyone else putting on weight?!!

I have stopped smoking for nearly 2.5 months now and have put on over half a stone but don't feel like my diet has changed - maybe I am being naive and I am actually scoffing packets of digestives in my sleep! Anyway, I don't THINK my diet has changed.

I was wondering if others are in the same boat? If it is just due to my metabolism changing then does this settle down, or am I going to have to change my diet FOREVER?! :(

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I was putting on weight but i upped my exercise as i can finally breathe again and so far ive lost 20lb :) even just a half an hour walk a day should sort you out hun, youve done very well not to put on more, i think the average amount to put on is 10lb xxx


Thanks Win! I have just realised that there is a whole section on here about managing your weight so I should have looked through that before posting, sorry!


I have 'cos I've been eating more, went from a 6-8 before i quit in 2012 to basically a 10 now. Got to get a grip on it if it goes up any more!!

Think we all do though 'cos smoking is an appetite suppressant *and* food tastes better as a non-smoker.

A bit of extra exercise, or cutting down on some bits should sort it :)


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