No Smoking Day
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No Smoking Day is Here

To everyone joining the quest for freedom today, welcome :)

You are about to begin a wondrous adventure, be warned, there are many obstacles to overcome, the Nic Monster is waiting impatiently for you to trip and fall in your quest, locking you forever in a prison of poisonous, acrid fumes that will gradually ruin your health and your wealth, he will use any trick to get you back in his nasty, yellow, stinking death grip :eek: . Be stout of heart, courage and determination will bring forth rewards beyond your imagination, riches of the material and ethereal kind are yours for the taking :cool: As you glean these treasures you will be gradually weakening the bonds of Nic-Demon and freedom will be achieved!

Join us brave Knights and Maidens, beyond the dense, foul fog lies a land of clean fresh air that fills your lungs and souls, food that smells and tastes wonderful, freedom from the cloying stench and infernal need that currently chain you to the monster.

Seriously though, you can do this, and the benefits far outweigh anything you think cigarettes give you. We will be behind you every step of the way with support and encouragement. Embrace your quit, learn from the bad bits and relish the good bits and before you know it you will be "out of the woods". ;)

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Another one I'm giving 5*s to :D

Come on guys don't leave it until "later" make the jump now :D


Great post and welcome:)

I'd like to welcome all new quitters:)youv come to the right place:)


Quitting was the best decision I ever made and it could well be the best decision you ever made either. :)

So if you're out there, lurking, feeling furtive, terrified, apprehensive, longing to take the plunge but clinging to the parapet, we'll catch you if you can pluck up the courage to let go and throw yourself into the future and what's more, you'll be flying before you know it. :)


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