No Smoking Day
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7wks today

Morning today is day 49..... 7 wks complete:)

Reall happy to have made it this far,esp as Iv had quite a bit of stress in my life ATM.

Still a bit spacey in the mornings and still get crave episodes but nothing I don't think I can't handle.

Today I'm starting a. Detox and trying to lose the few pounds Iv put on as my weight goes straight to stomach and it's uncomfortable and hard to shift if it gets out of control:(

Onwards and upwards towards another wk,I d love to say it hasn't been bl^*^ dy hard at times but looking forward to better times ahead.:)

Hope everyone else is fighting through:D

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That's great news for a Monday morning.

Keep up the good work and don't worry too much about the weight at this stage.

One issue at a time.

Plenty of time to get fit/lose weight, once the cravings are reduced


^^^ what TG said :) u never moan u just get on with it, fairplay x


Congratulations on the 7 weeks, it's an amazing feeling to be breaking free isn't it.:D

You've inspired me with your talk of detox. It's a lovely morning here and i'm lucky enough to have the day off so I'm off for a long healthy walk.


Well done Carol and good luck with the detox :) x


Thankyou everyone for your kind words of support:)


Just seen this one!!

You're doing flipping fab hun and it's brilliant!!

Good luck with detoxing and i hope things calm down soon for you :) xx


Minimum fuss, maximum effort! Well done Carol!


Hi Carol,

Just wondered what u are doing to detox? Sounds interesting I'm up for anything that gives more energy :) wish we knew where FF30 was hope she's still going strong aswell as you xxx


Just going to cut out all junk for starters.....sweets crisp ect.....smokers lifelines

All bread....cake biscuits choc( ouch):(

Drinking a liver detox tea by dr Stuarts H&B.....tastes awful but does the trick:)


Apples for break

Chicken salad lunch

Egg salad tea.

Natural yoghurt.

That will have to do me for starter:)I can shift weight pretty quick when I put my mind to it.....but as you know it's harder when your not smoking:)


Good luck with it Carol. It can be done and I'm sure you can do it. After all, if we can quit smoking we really can do anything (as the add says). :)


Thanks's something to focus on if nothing else:D

Forgot to mention Iv got one of those bullet juicers.....veg fruit and nuts all blended into a drink.......will keep you


Good for you, i hope it works for you xx


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