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Day 6

Well the sun might not be shining and there's no sign of the promised heatwave up here in the north.

I couldn't care less because I feel so good today!

Feeling so much more resigned to quitting now. That awful feeling of panic that's been with me on and off since I stopped smoking disappeared yesterday afternoon and for now I feel liberated!

I'm glad I've stopped smoking and don't think the past few days have been too bad considering how long I've been smoking. I don't think I realised just how mentally draining and tiring it would be though. Anyway, last night I had the best and deepest sleep I've had for a while.

Woke up this morning feeling great! I felt exactly the way I did before starting my quit with just one very welcome exception - no thoughts whatsoever about smoking.

I know I've still got a long way to go so I'm not being lulled into a false sense of security. Right now though it's such a relief to feel 'normal' again - I feel like 'ME' again.

Since the start of my quit the physical changes I've experienced have been amazing. I was fortunate to be reasonably fit to start with but I did have a smoker's cough and was beginning to notice a little shortage of breath now and again. The cough's gone, my lung capacity has increased - no shortage of breath anymore and I really do have so much more energy and enthusiasm. This has all happened in only 5 days!

Yes it has been a bit of a mental struggle to get this far but today's good and I hope just the beginning of better things to come.

So, I'll enjoy this first little quit victory - while it lasts.

I think I'm ready now to accept and face head on the challenges that are probably waiting round the corner for me. I know I'm strong enough to see them off now!

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I'm really glad you're finding it better today Linda, that's brilliant!!

Oooh and i hope the sun comes out soon :D :cool:


Thanks Gemma and glad to see you've got your sparkle back too. x


Well done Linda...:)..nearly 1wk completed...that's a good mental boost I found:)

Good attitude you have too:)


Lovely to see a positive post, this is a long journey I,m sure, but together we can all get there.

Nearly a week well done :)


Hi Linda, good post, glad to see you are feeling better today :) the good days will start to outweigh the bad soon enough, keep this positivity going, not long now until your first week is out of the way :) xx


Thank you all so much.

I'm on a bit of a 'high' right now and just hoping it will last a while longer. Too many ups and downs on this quit journey for me to cope with but I'm getting there.

Sometimes I can't believe the things I am writing on this forum cos it's a bit out of character for me. I've always like to think I'm the one in charge but it doesn't apply with my one big weakness. I'm certainly showing my vulnerability.

So grateful to each and every one of you for listening and giving your unconditional support - and I mean that sincerely. x


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