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I've had a blip !!!

Hi guys,

Soooo fed up, I've had a blip:(, and don't know why or what to do, would have been on day eight today and now I'm back to square one, I'm such a fool.

Anyone toying with the idea, don't bother it's such a disappointment and absolutley not worth it, going to carry on though, has anyone else done this ????.

Love a really naffed off patty xxxxxxxxxx

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Course we have Patty:)

Iv done it loads....was sick of going back to day 1:(

Iv learned my lesson that the thought is better than the reality.Just pick yourself up and start again:)


Oh patty, please don't beat your self up, it sounds like you didn't even enjoy it.

These things do happen my lovely, and your back on track your doing fantastic.

Am quite sure there are many people that have little blips on here, but great news you can carry on quitting.

Hope your feeling better a bit later to day:)


Patty I too have done it, 7 times before! :eek: I would imagine there are very few people who have quit first time straight off without any hiccups, the fact that you were disappointed and realised it was a mistake is a good sign :) dust yourself off and get back on the horse xx


Aw thank you guys, just what I needed :)

Love patty xxxxxx


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